Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th September 2020 Written Update: Heer pretends to love Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat is shocked to see his housemates outside the hospital. He turns to them and says that they should not say anything to Heer because she has no fault in it. Parmeet says that she can see that it is not her fault, so she will not say her anything. Sant says rather they should say sorry to Heer as they always misunderstand her. And he apologizes to Heer. Daljit tells Virat that he should rest now as his health is not good.

Virat says but who will drop Heer at her house. Then Rohan comes and says that he will take Heer home so he should not worry. Jharana says now the problem is solved so he should rest now. Virat goes inside the hospital. Parmeet thanks Heer for helping them. Heer smiles and leaves for home with Rohan.

In the morning, Rohan informs Preeto that after 10hours Heer’s result will come out. Preeto says then they will light the unbroken lamp so that the result of Heer will be good. Soham comes there and asks where Heer is. Preeto says he lost the right to know this. There, Jharana calls Heer and asks her to bring flowers and love cards for Virat. Heer agrees. Jharana tells this to the family. Simran tells Jharana that Heer is so stupid. Daljit says that those who think from the heart are fools. Everybody laughs. Gurminder overhears them and is shocked.

Heer goes to the hospital and sees that the nurse is injecting Virat. She stops the nurse and says that she is scared of the needle and she cannot see Virat like this, so she will close her eyes and then put the needle. Heer closes the eyes. Virat says Heer is very sweet. And then he asks her when they are getting married. Heer says there is no wedding muharat for the next one month so they should talk about it later. Virat asks if she is really with him.

Gurminder comes there and says no. Virat says what she means by no. Heer folds her hands in front of her and tells her not to tell Virat anything. Gurminder think if she stay quiet today, then it will become a big mess and decided to let Virat know the turth. And Gurminder ask Heer that if she really loves Virat, she should talk to the family about it.

Then Parmeet, Sant and others come there. Parmeet asks what to talk about. Virat tells them that he wants to marry Heer. Sant scolds him. Parmeet ask him to keep calm. Jharana says if Virat wants to marry Heer, let him do it. She adds that Virat’s happiness matters to her. Virat says sorry. Jharana pretends to be unhappy. Gurminder thinks how much more drama they will do. Daljit takes Gurminder’s hand and takes her with him.

 Parmeet slaps and curses her for trying to reveal the truth to Virat. Heer comes there and says that if she slaps Gurminder again, she will tell Virat all the truth. Parmeet gets angry. She asks Daljeet to do something of Gurminder. Daljit captures Gurminder. And says he will divorce her very soon and goes away.

Heer complains to God why nothing is normal in her life. She says that she is suffering alot. She then decides to meet Virat for the last time. She goes to the hospital. Virat is sleeping there. Heer says that maybe they will never meet again and leaves from there. Episode end.