Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 31st July 2019 Written Update: Harman health worsen| Saumya worries for Harman

Episode starts with Harman saying wedding. He ask didn’t your uncle aunty got married. Saumya interrupts and tells that they got married in the temple so they are going to remarry. Harman gets angry and goes away

Champ says hero is so rude. Vedant ask Champ so now he learned is not hero. He ask Rohan to come for the shopping.

Saumya comes to Harman and ask why he doesn’t go home on time. Harman gives befitted reply and goes away.

Shanno ask Harak Mahi and Harman don’t come. Preeto says Mahi will come along with Harman. Harman drinks thinking of Saumya.

Saumya sits Rohan and thinks about Harman. Rohan says now he got why heroine left hero. Saumya recalls the flashback and says maybe both at fault.

Harman thinks of meeting Saumya at the market. Mahi waits for Harman. She sees Harman and says she is waiting for him. Harman ask her to go home. Mahi says she will go home with him only. Harman ask Mahi to stop dreaming and go home.

Mahi says to Harman that she wants to love him like the way he loves Saumya. Harman says she has gone crazy and confessing love in front of the one who has named his several births to someone else. He goes away.

Harak ask Mahi about Harman. Mahi tells he is sleeping. She feels nausea. Preeto gets excited and tells to Harak that good news.

Harak gets excited too and announces to Harman that he is going to be father soon. Everyone comes too.

Harman comes running and questions Mahi. Preeto tells Harman that she is wife so she will be his mother of his child only.

Harman screams and breaks the stuffs. He yells at says Harman is only of Saumya inspite of the truth that he can’t give her a child. Everyone gets shocked.

Harman ask Mahi how can she come closer to her. Preeto protects Mahi. Harman picks up broken glass and ask do everyone out here didn’t fooled them. He says to Preeto that if Harman became anyone else apart from Saumya than he will kill himself. He was about to slit his wrist. Preeto signals to Harak. Harak says he was joking with them and was just wanted to see his reaction.

Harman yells back at everyone and ask Preeto to give money. Harak says he will not give money. Harman gets angry and says he don’t want his money.

Harak stops Harman. Harman screams in anger and goes away. Preeto consoles Mahi and promotes LUV KHUSH serial.

Preeto says she is going to temple. She prays in the temple and thanks God for giving her the happiness. She turns and sees Saumya.

Preeto tells Saumya about Harman. She tells her that Harman is going to become father soon. She taunts Saumya and says now Harman has moved on in his life.

Saumya gets happy hearing the news. She prays in front of the God for showering the blessings.

Saumya comes back home and shares the good news with Soham and plays with her.

Harman drinks alcohol and self-talks with him. People talk about Harman. Harak takes Harman homes.

Rohan tells Saumya about his birthday. She asks what she should make for him. Soham cries and she goes away.

Harak, Veeran and others tie Harman in the room. Harman ask why they are capturing him in the room. He says only few days are left. Singh mates stand shocked.

Harak gets angry on Harman and ask him to stop talking rubbish. Harman says to Harak that they all wanted Saumya to get away from him. He says they all made fun of HAYA’s love. Harak ask Harman not to speak anything. Raavi and Sindhu cries for Harman.

Raavi and Sindhu bring dinner and sees Harman not in his room. They call Harak and Preeto.

At restaurant, Rohan celebrates his birthday. Saumya senses Harman around. She sees Harman in the bar. Vedant too spot Harman. Saumya about to go, Vedant stops Saumya from going to Harman.

Champ sees Harman and runs behind him. Saumya too goes behind him. Rohan ask Harman how is he.

Harman sees Saumya and taunts her. Vedant too comes there.

Saumya ask Harman what he is doing here. Man says that in return of watch he wants drink. Vedant pays for Harman’s drink. Harman goes from there. Saumya worries for Harman.

Saumya and Mahi do some famous Pooja. Mahi and Saumya both pray for Harman.

Saumya meets Mahi. She congratulates Mahi for the new beginning. She says to Mahi that she can ask anything from her in return of this good news. Mahi ask Saumya to go away from their life forever. Saumya stand stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Doctor says if Harman didn’t stop drinking than his life will get over. Singh mates panics. Mahi runs to Samuya and tells her about Harman’s health. She asks Saumya to do a favor on her unborn child. Saumya stands shocked. Saumya comes to the Singh house.