Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 31st July 2020 Written Update: Jharna come back into Virat’s life

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 31st July 2020 Written Update on

The episode start with a boy asks Heer why she didn’t come with Virat.  A girl takes chocolate and asks her to sweeten her mouth.  Heer asks what is this for.  She speaks in happiness of their marriage.  Heer says they are not married because Virat did not come to the wedding.  Virat says he did not go because he did not want to marry her.  Heer says that she also don’t want to marry him.  And she leaves from there.

 After a while Virat meets his teacher and she taunts him because he leaves Heer at their marriage function.  Virat gets angry and he decides to tell Heer’s truth.  Rohan comes there and thanks him because even after all this, he is not telling the truth of Heer to anyone.  Virat asks him if he knows everything.  Rohan answers yes.   Virat ask him to help him so that people stop taunting him . Then Virat leaves from there.

 Further on, Virat sees a boy arguing with the girl.  The girl cries out that she did not know that she is a eunuch.  People standing there say how she did not know such a big thing.  The girl says that she found out on her wedding day when this boy did not come to marry her.  The boy says how can he marry her after this.  A man says that it is the fault of the boy that he loved a eunuch.  And they humiliate that boy.  Virat is shocked to see all this and goes away.  He then thinks that he will not tell the truth of Heer to anyone, otherwise his family will have to suffer the punishment of his mistake. However all this was Preeto’s trick so that Virat does not tell the truth of Heer to anyone.

  On the other hand, Daljeet has come to know that he cannot become a father and he is sad.  Gurminder consoles him and says that she will not let anyone know this truth.  At night, Virat  recalls how Heer has started hating him.  And he becomes unhappy.  Heer also remembers the bitter things about Virat.  She thinks how Virat changed so much.  Then Harak and Preeto come there and are happy to see that Heer is studying.  And tells her how happy they are to see that because no one has studied so much in their house.  Preeto gives Heer milk to drink and then they leave.

  After they leave Shano comes there and tries to provoke her so that she leaves the studies and only remembers Virat.  Shano leaves from there and Heer again sinks into the memory of Virat.  Both miss each other a lot and go to the window.  Virat tells that she will never come now.  And starts doing his work.  After a while there is a knock on Virat’s door, he thinks it is Heer.  He opens the door and sees Jharana in front of him.  He asks her why she is here.  Jharna says that she knows he is unhappy and that is why she comes here.  Virat says there is no need.  He says that it is too late and she should leave.  But Jharna still does not go from there and then Virat calls his parents there.  They come there and are shocked to see Jharna there.