Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd April 2020 Written Update: Virat takes up the challenge to propose Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Soham gets angry on a boy as he gives signs to Heer. Soham starts beat him and says, don’t ever tries  to do this again otherwise I will beat you till your death. Then Soham asks him to apologises to Heer and call Heer as your sister. That boy asks for Heer’s forgiveness and calls Heer as his sister.

Heer thinks he is the 49th boy who is calling me as their sister. If my brothers hit one more boy  then I will have 50 brothers and my own brothers will complete their half century. Then Soham warns every one that anyone has tried to give my sister any signal so I won’t leave anyone. And then he leaves from there.

Afterwards a boy says, Heer is such a beautiful girl but because of her brother we can’t propose her and if anyone will dares to propose Heer, I will give him 50,000 rupees. Here, Virat came and says, I accept your challenge but after I completes it you will have to give me 75,000 rupees. That boy agrees.

Virat then seen Heer, and  he gets mesmerize with Heer’s beauty then he comes towards Heer as he wants to propose Heer and also want to completes his challenge . Heer is also see Virat , and thinks why this handsome boy coming towards me.

Later Virat climbs on colleges roof and he shouts and says, Heer I love you. Soham gets angry with Virat’s confession and he  angrily pushes Virat down from roof and Virat falls into Heer’s feet. Heer then helps Virat stand first and then asks him his full name. Virat tells her that my name is Virat Singh.

Rohan scolds Virat and says how dare you to propose my sister, apologies to her. Virat says, why should I apologise to her I did nothing wrong. Soham says, brother if you don’t apologises to Heer then I will show you my power. Virat tells him, do what ever you want, but I will never say sorry.

Soham then wants to punch him but Virat faints there. Later they take Virat to the hospital and their Bhua calls Preeto and tells her the whole story. Preeto says to Harak that we need to go to the hospital as Soham has beaten a inspector’s son. Harak says, that’s great, I’m so proud on Soham as he has beaten a boy for his sister’s safety. Preeto tells him, we will talk about this later, first we have to leave for hospital.

Daljeet on the other hand comes to hospital and asks, who beat my brother. Soham says I beat your brother. Daljeet asks him why. Soham tells him, because he molest my sister that’s why I beat him. Daljeet says, Your sister has put on so much makeup, then boys will  definitely molest her. Heer get angry with Daljeet’s statement and says, your mind is sick as your thinking about girls are very disgusting.

You should also book a room in the hospital for yourself. While there Harak and Preeto also came and scolds Daljeet for his wrong statement and asks him which family you are belongs from. Here Daljeet’s mother came and says, he is DSP Sant baksh son’s and so don’t shout on my son. She then also threatened Harak and Preeto that she will send them into jail, after Virat comes into his senses.(Episode end)