Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd August 2021 Written Update: Parmeet talks ill about Geetu’s character

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Daljeet saying Heer is convinced after seeing Geetu’s emotional drama. He says noone is listening to him. Heer says after the medical examination everything will be clear. Parmeet says Daljeet is DSP Sant’s son and Heer should think hundred times before accusing him. Heer says a woman runs the house and her respect matters the most. She blames Heer for hiring Geetu as their maid. She criticises Geetu’s character, her gestures and her style of talking. Parmeet says such poor girls trap rich men by these tactics. Men will be men. Geetu has no right to blame her son as she is nothing in front him. Heer gets shocked to hear all of that. Virat shuts Parmeet up saying he expected her to understand Geetu’s situation as Geetu is not that type of a girl. But now her medical test will happen and truth will come out. He won’t tolerate anymore crap. Heer says they should go to hospital for the test without wasting time. Daljeet tells Sant to stop Heer but latter replies if Daljeet is innocent then why is he getting afraid.

Saumya coughs and Harman gets concerned and checks her temperature. He brings medicine and Saumya says its just a simple fever. Harman says after years of separation he can’t afford to lose her again. Saumya gets delighted and tells him to sit with her. Harman gets a call and office staff informs him to attend a meeting. Harman says he will go. Later he goes to bring kadha for Saumya.

Heer and Virat wait outside. Geetu goes for medical test with the nurse. Heer recalls Geetu’s happy moments. She feels stressed and Virat gives her water. Heer thanks Virat for supporting her. Virat says he likes how Heer always supports the truth. Heer blames herself for bringing Geetu as she is still not mature enough to deal with all these. She suffered because of Heer. Virat tells her not to feel guilty. The molestor will get punished. Saumya drinks the kadha. Harman teases her and later he calls Heer to lift up Saumya’s mood. Harman tells Heer, Saumya is missing her. Saumya talks to Heer and understands Heer is upset. She forces Heer to tell what happened. Heer cries and reveals everything to them. Saumya says they are coming to meet Heer at the hospital. Heer says its about Virat’s family respect, so they should not come here at this moment. Saumya tells Heer to be strong and Harman says if Heer needs any help she will contact him. Saumya says Heer is intelligent she will manage everything. Heer prays to God so that Geetu gets justice.

Saumya comes downstairs to have breakfast but Harman says why she came out of room. He was going to her room to give her breakfast. Harak teases Harman for showing extra care. Harman looks stressed and Saumya tells Harak that Harman has two meetings so he is finding it difficult to attend both the meetings. Harak and Viran refuse to go as they don’t have much idea about the deal. Harak tells Balwindar to attend the meeting. Harman agrees and instructs Balwindar not to tell anything extra which is not present in the contract. Balwindar says but power of attorney is Harman how will I sign the papers. Harman says for this deal he will change the power of attorney. Balwindar will sign it. Balwindar gets happy and Saumya gets a feeling that the latter is planning something wrong.

Episode ends

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