Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd September 2021 Written Update: Preeto gets heartbroken hearing Heer’s death news

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya telling Matarani that her heart doesn’t need any proof to punish the culprits. She doesn’t care about the law. She says she believes Matarani and she asks for strength to punish Heer’s murderers. She says Gitu will also get justice along with Heer. She takes vow to punish Virat’s family in her own way. She says she will give them perfect reply of their crimes. Saumya holds diya and Harman says you are right. We’ll punish the murderers as Police is not doing their job properly.

Preeto gets worried in house and says how will she know what happened. Viran tells her not to worry. Saumya and Harman enter the house and Preeto goes to them. She says she was really scared why Harman didn’t receive her calls. She asks about Heer’s whereabouts. Harman and Saumya remain silent and Preeto says they should call the police to find Heer. Saumya makes Preeto sit and tells her to relax. Preeto says Heer is missing from so many days. They should find her. Saumya says now Heer will never come back. Preeto loses her cool and says did you say something to Heer? Why will she not come back.

Saumya shows the recording to Preeto where Heer is kidnapped. Harak shouts that what do you mean by saying Heer will not come back again. Saumya reveals about Kareena’s confession that Virat’s family killed Heer. Preeto gets shocked and loses her balance. Harman holds her but she asks is this a joke? What do you mean by that? How can Heer die? Preeto asks Matarani that she didn’t want this news about Heer. Preeto forces Harman to tell the truth and she screams out of extreme shock. She breaks stuffs and loses her mind. She cries and says you are lying. Preeto says Heer can’t leave her like this. Harman hugs crying Preeto. She says she will bring Heer back, she won’t spare those who troubled Heer. She is about to leave but Harak stops her. Harak brings gun and says lets go.

Harman stops Harak but the latter says they are not coward. They will kill Heer’s murderers. Harman says they will die but on right time. Saumya says they tortured Heer and they will also get tortured for their crime. Saumya says she herself will punish the murderers and will turn their lives into hell. Suddenly everyone hears music from Chintu’s room. Saumya goes to his room and turns off the music. Chintu stops doing exercises and asks Saumya won’t you give me privacy? Saumya tells him to understand the situation, as Heer died. Chintu says when his father died, noone cared but now they want him to become sad for Heer. Saumya says she can’t argue with him. She leaves but Chintu again turns on the music. Saumya breaks the music system and warns him to not cross his limits. Chintu shouts but Saumya shuts him. She says dont anger me. You will regret when your mother will tell you the truth finally. She leaves. Chintu says he is not kid anymore. Soon he will celebrate again and Saumya will cry with his family.

Parmeet tells Virat to have breakfast but the latter says he will go to find Heer. He will talk to the bus driver who saw Heer. Parmeet says if you don’t find her then. Virat says he will succeed and he will argue with Heer why she left the house. She could’ve talked to him to solve the issues. Virat says he will take Heer to Saumya and Harman and will prove them wrong. Gurwindar thinks Virat is getting restless, God should give him strength to accept the truth.

Episode ends

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