Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th August 2021 Written Update: Heer stands by Geetu

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saumya asking Harman why he gave power of attorney to Balwindar without thinking for once. Harman says her concern is justifiable. But she should trust Balwindar this time. Balwindar gives papers to Harman and the latter is about to sign it but Saumya says she wants to read it. She reads the papers and tells Harman to sign it.

Doorbell rings and Virat says perhaps Geetu’s reports have come. He opens the door and Harman comes in. He reveals Heer told him what happened. Parmeet gets mad at Heer and asks why she involved an outsider in their family matters. Harman says he is not an outsider, he is worried for his own daughter that’s why he has come. Parmeet says Daljeet is not proven guilty yet. Let the reports come. Sant gets the reports and reads it. He gets shocked.

Balwindar takes blessings from Harak and tells Raavi she will feel proud of him today after the deal gets finalised. Balwindar prays to God and asks Saumya will she not wish best of luck to him. Saumya says when Harman and Harak both want to trust him she won’t doubt him. Balwindar leaves.

Virat sees the reports and reveals Daljeet is not involved in Geetu’s molestation. Parmeet gets happy. Daljeet starts his acting and says his innocence is proved now. He lashes out at Heer for supporting Geetu. Geetu says this report is false, she is not a liar. Daljeet says you want to say I changed the reports? He recalls how he bribed the hospital staff and told him to give fake reports to constable. Parmeet tries to throw Geetu out of the house. Gurwindar scolds Geetu for blaming Daljeet unnecessarily. Sant says he can’t tolerate Geetu in the house anymore. Heer stops Parmeet from throwing Geetu out.

Parmeet says Geetu is characterless and she gave invitation to men. Heer says maybe Daljeet is not the molestor but someone else has done it. She questions Parmeet why a girl needs to stay in her limits when people should teach boys that girls are not objects. Boys should be the protector not the molestor. There’s nothing wrong in wearing short clothes or attending parties but its the perspective of society who restricts a woman from enjoying their lives. Sant tells Heer he is also an inspector and Geetu can’t take advantage of being a woman. She can’t wrongly accuse Daljeet.

Heer says Geetu is not lying but the thinking of you all regarding a woman is unacceptable. Heer adds underage girls also get harassed, what is their fault? Geetu considered this house a safe place that was her mistake only. She is free spirited girl and if its her fault then every woman should stop smiling from now on as boys consider it as invitation of girls. Geetu cries. Heer says she can’t see Geetu becoming a victim so investigation will happen and the molestor will get punished for sure. Parmeet gets shocked.

Episode ends

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