Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th March 2021 Written Update: Virat gets his memories back

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Heer doing aarti of matarani. She says please do some miracle so that Virat gets alright. Heer takes Virat outside. She tells Virat to open his eyes. Heer plays hide and seek and tells Virat to find her. She makes noise of her payal. Virat looks at Heer and gets confused.

Heer continues her game near swimming pool. She says catch me Virat. Find me. Virat slowly stands up from the wheelchair. Heer says what kind of husband you are. You are not able to find me. Goons enter to attack Heer. Heer says who are you? They hit Virat and he falls down. Heer picks up one stick and starts beating them angrily. They catch Heer and push her. Virat slowly gets flashbacks of his past where he lost Heer. Heer fell into water.

Virat shouts Heer. Goons again hit Virat. Heer falls into water and goons try to kill her by suffocating her. Heer doesn’t respond anything. Virat beats those men and jumps into water to save Heer. Heer coughs and Virat sets her free from the chains by going underwater. Heer gets surprised seeing Virat saved her. They hug each other.

Isha comes to see whether Heer died or not. She then sees Heer and Virat hugging each other in pool. She gets shocked

Virat enters his house and Parmeet Sant get surprised seeing him okay. Sant hugs Virat. Parmeet also cries tears of joy. Virat says I am alright now. Parmeet says thanks to matarani. Virat says I have troubled all of you a lot. Now I have taken a decision.

Heer shares the good news of Virat with her family. Akshay asks if he is fine now then why he dropped her here. Heer says he told me to meet my family first as he will also to his house. Preeto says but why? Heer says don’t worry. Virat can’t live without me. He will come back for sure. Preeto says Virat can’t do something like this.

Virat says to Parmeet he wants to leave Heer. Everyone gets shocked. Virat says I can’t force Heer on you. As I have already went against you several times. Now enough. Parmeet gets happy and says you are right. She thinks now that Heer will never come back to Virat. Isha too gets happy.

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