Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th May 2021 Written Update: Nayan tells about her brother to Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Saumya telling Harman that her family will tell him to leave after they know his truth. She doesnt have to do anything. Mahi shows Preeto what she got from Harman’s room. Preeto gets shocked seeing the photos. Saumya leaves and Harman follows her.
Nayan tells Virat its true that we don’t know each other but we can at least try to know each other. She tells him to share his problem. Virat says I can tell but you won’t understand my feelings. Right now I am helpless. Nayan gets call from someone and Virat tells her to receive the call. Nayan says before marriage she wants to share about her past with Virat.

Preeto shows the photos to Harak which Mahi gave her. Harak gets shocked seeing his photo with Preeto. Harak asks Mahi why she searched Harman’s room in his absence. Thats not decency. Mahi says you think so high of Saumya. Saumya is fooling you all. Harman and Saumya is in a relationship. Why a stranger will keep Saumya’s photo. The reason is clear that is they love each other. Mahi says she saw them together many times. Harak gets shocked. Harman stops Saumya saying are you sure you want to reveal my truth? Then you won’t do it I’ll confess the truth and will tell them what happened. Saumya says fine.

Nayan tells about her brother to Virat. She says her brother’s name is Arjun who is calling her right now. He is not a good person and Kamini cut ties with him already. But just because she is getting married to a rich guy her brother is trying to contact her. Other side, Kamini also reveals about Arjun to Parmeet saying she doesn’t want to hide anything before marriage. Simran thinks all Arjuns are cheater. She had also loved a guy called Arjun. Arjun calls Nayan and says I just want to apologise to you and mother. Kamini gets angry and leaves to see Arjun.

Saumya asks everyone why they are staring at her weirdly. Harak gives the photos to Saumya and asks Harman why he went to Saumya’s room and is keeping Harak and Preeto’s photo with him. Preeto asks Saumya did she know Harman before? Then why she didnt tell them before. Why she went to Harman’s room? Mahi says Preeto doesn’t believe me, I am not lying. I saw Harman and Saumya together several times. Mahi tells Saumya to speak up. She says to Saumya, swear on Preeto and tell the truth. You consider her your mother right? Saumya says Mahi is right. I know Harman. Mahi tries to insult Saumya but Saumya says its half truth, Mahi is telling it in wrong way. Saumya says she never loved someone else except Harman. Preeto says I know that but we are just asking why you didn’t inform us that you know Harman.

Saumya says she didn’t want them to believe Harman’s lie. Thats why she kept quiet. Saumya says Harman is following her from so many days and now he reached home as well. Mahi says angrily Saumya is hiding her true colors. She is not that stupid that she will not say anything to Harman even after all these. Mahi shouts that why you all are not believing me Saumya has ruined our family status. She is deceiving us. Harman stops Mahi and says don’t utter a word against Saumya anymore. Mahi asks who are you to tell me? You will get punished for your deed as well. Saumya tells Mahi don’t tell something for which you will regret.

The Episode ends

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