Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th August 2019 Written Update: Saumya walks on a shattered glass for Harman!

Episode starts with Vedant asking Saumya what he should call her. Saumya yells at Vedant and says no one can break Harman and her relation not even God.

Vedant says God has sent him to break this bond. He asks Saumya to call Harman and say him that she will not come to meet him. Saumya denies. Vedant says he will kill Harman.

Saumya slaps Vedant. Vedant says this time she and Harman will lose. Saumya screams at Vedant and says HAYA’s love has always won and will always win no matter what. She says to Vedant that he’ll lose. Vedant stands shocked.

Mahi brings medicine for Harman. Harman says he will get fine without medicine, as Saumya will come to meet him daily. Mahi says Saumya is doing whatever she can and allow her to do what she can do for him. Harman takes the medicine.

Harman stops Mahi and says he wants to talk with her. He says Saumya will come to meet him daily he knows she’ll feel bad but he can’t replace Saumya from his heart. He asks Mahi if all these disturb her than she can vent out at him but not at Saumya.

Mahi tells to Harman that Saumya is coming here because she has called her.  She asks Harman to take care of himself. Preeto overhears his talk. Shanno comes and fills Mahi’s mind against Saumya.

Preeto comes from behind and yells at Shanno. She says if Saumya can save Harman’s life than no one can stop her from coming.

Raavi taunts Preeto. She says to Preeto that she always separated HAYA but try to reunite Harman and Saumya once which is good for all.

At night Saumya looks at the moon and recalls Harman’s words. Harman miss Saumya looking at the moon and waits for her. Mahi watches Harman from far.

Vedant comes from behind. He calls Preeto. He asks Preeto to stop Harman for calling Saumya at his home. The duo does an argument. Preeto ask Vedant to hang up the call.

Preeto comes back and sees Harak. Vedant recalls Saumya’s word. He says he will not lose at any cost.

Harak shows his disappointment for Preeto joining hands with Vedant. Preeto cries and says she can’t think over Harman and can go to extreme to bring happiness in Harman’s life. Harak hugs Preeto.

Saumya gets ready to go. Vedant stops her. Saumya gives a befitting reply to Vedant. Vedant breaks bottle and says to Saumya that he wants to test her love for Harman. He asks her to walk on the broken pieces if she wants to go. Harman waits for Saumya. Preeto prays to God to send Saumya for Harman.

Vedant taunts Saumya and ask her to go back to the room. Saumya walks on the shattered pieces. She imagines Harman. She feels rose petals instead of shattered pieces and easily walks. Harman gives his hand to her. Vedant stands stunned.

Saumya says if his test is over than she can leave. She goes away. Harman waits for Saumya.

Harak says to Harman that she’ll not come. Harman feels Saumya’s presence. Saumya enters. Everyone looks at her. (Episode Ends)

No Precap.