Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th August 2020 Written Update: Gurumandir is in a difficult phase

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th August 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode strats with Virat goes to the bathroom and washes his hands well because he has touched Heer.  Virat angrily says that he will not make such a mistake again. 

Meanwhile  Soham is packing his luggage to leave the house.  Rohan asks him to think calmly.  Shano also stops him.  Shano says that today is Rakhi festival and when Heer will come back home and she will know what has happened, she will be very sad.  Soham says that he cannot tolerate all this and remains firm on his decision.

On the other hand, Ravi says that where Soham will go , we should stop him.  Preeto says Soham hates eunuchs and if he leaves the house and goes away, this will be better for Heer.  Soham is going to leave the house, Rohan tries to stop him.  But he does not listen anyone.  Harak gets angry after seeing Soham’s tantrums.  Harak says if he wants to go then go and never meet Heer again.  Soham gets hurt by his words and he leaves.

Harak gives Rohan some money to give to Soham .  Rohan leaves from there.  Preeto becomes desperate and weeps.  Preeto says she promised Soumya that she would take care of the children and today that promise was broken.  She says she did all this only for the good of Heer because Soham hates the eunuchs.  Harak consoles her.  Harak says once Heer gets the job then everything will be alright.  He also says that he will take full care of Soham and will not let him suffer. 

Shano starts going from there Preeto stops her.  Preeto says Shano is firing a gun on Soham’s shoulder.  Shano says she feels wrong because she did nothing of the sort.  After saying this, Shano leaves from there. 

At the same time, a priest comes to Virat’s house and says that he has come to bless them and wants to cure their child problems.  The family members of Virat are happy to hear all this and Gurminder and Daljeet are shocked to hear this.  Pandit asks to call their daughter-in-law.  Parmeet orders Gurminder to go to Panditji.  Gurminder goes and the Pandit says that she will have to suffer to overcome her deficiency.  Parmeet says she will do everything to become a mother.  Pandit asks Daljeet to bring boiling water.  Gurminder is shocked and asks why the boiling water.  The Pandit says that she must do penance. 

In college, Heer is trying to put thread in the needle but it cannot happen.  Virat taunts her on this matter.  Everyone asks Virat not to do this.  While Virat is still taunting her.  Heer takes him out.  Virat imagines Heer as eunuch and pushes her.  Heer falls and Virat starts leaving.  Heer stops him.  Heer says why is he doing this to her.  And why is he hurting her, what kind of mistake did she make.  Virat says nothing and goes away.  Heer starts crying.