Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th August 2021 Written Update : Inspector refuses to file complaint for Geetu

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parmeet asking Heer will she take Daljeet to jail and humiliate Virat’s family? Heer says Geetu is not greedy, when she told Geetu she will give her money the latter told her she wants job not money. So it’s their responsibility to give Geetu a secure job with safety. Parmeet says Daljeet won’t suffer for this.

Heer says after investigation Geetu’s innocence will be proved. Also Daljeet is not innocent, he has criminal record and what if he changed the reports. Heer says noone is thinking what Geetu must be feeling. She adds she will give her justice. Parmeet tells Virat why is he quite and not stopping Heer. Is she here to ruin their family image.

Balwindar talks with the investors. He says power of attorney has been given to him. He shows them the papers and says he is son in law of the house and can also be the owner of the company. Harman asks Sant to stop Parmeet. Sant tells him to stop Heer as even after seeing the reports Heer wants to file complaint against Daljeet.

Harman says he can’t leave his daughter alone, he is with her. Heer requests Harman to leave as she doesn’t want him to get humiliated because of the problem. Harman tells Heer to handle the issue and also assures Geetu saying we all are with you. Virat says he will also go with Heer to file complaint. Parmeet gets shocked. She calls him loudly.

Balwindar informs Harman and others that deal is done. Harak congratulates him and Harman says now the deal is Balwindar’s responsibility. He will handle this. Saumya gets suspicious. Balwindar gets happy. Parmeet questions Virat why he is supporting Heer, when she is questioning Daljeet’s upbringing. She is doubting Parmeet’s teachings. Virat doesn’t listen to her. Parmeet throws aways stuffs angrily. She brings Daljeet near Virat and says Heer is not giving chance to Daljeet to be a better person. Whats her problem. Parmeet tells Virat not to step out of the house. Virat says if Daljeet is the molestor, he will get punished. Virat won’t support him. Parmeet gets stunned. Virat leaves with Geetu and Heer. Daljeet tells Sant that Heer is trying to frame him.

Saumya and Harman meet Heer. Saumya gives advice to Heer that she won’t back off no matter what people say to her. It’s her battle against her own family, she will focus on serving justice. Heer thanks Saumya for always giving strength to her during difficult times. Harman says he trusts Heer, she will win this time and Geetu will get justice. Saumya says they are with her. Heer says she won’t disappoint them. Harman blesses Heer and Heer leaves with Virat and Geetu.

Virat tells inspector to file FIR. But Sant orders inspector to not involve Daljeet’s name in the case. Inspector says he won’t file the complaint as Heer is framing Daljeet when he is not the molestor. Virat says Sant told you to stop us. Heer says Geetu is the victim and she remembers everything what happened to her then why the inspector can’t file complaint. She challenges inspector he has to do it.

Episode ends

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