Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th June 2021 Written Update: Mahi threatens to kill herself if Harman doesn’t accept her.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahi locking herself in room. Preeto and others knock on the door. Everyone gets scared and tells Mahi to open the door. Mahi takes kerosene and puts it on herself. Virat checks through the window and and shouts Mahi’s name.

Harman tells Saumya that whatever he did is to get her back, he became selfish and he is ready to accept punishment for that. Saumya says Mahi won’t punish us but she will punish our love, maybe we won’t be able to meet after this. Harman keeps his hand on Saumya’s mouth to stop her from uttering those words. Saumya gets emotional

Mahi takes the matches and is about to light it. Virat requests her to stop. Virat informs others that they have to do something else Mahi will burn herself. Preeto gets shocked and Simran runs to call Harman. Harman tells Saumya that what she is thinking will never happen. They won’t get separated. Preeto tries to make Mahi understand that suicide is not a solution, they should talk to each other peacefully to sort out the issues. Mahi says no more discussions. I never got my rights now today Harman has to decide he will either choose me or Saumya. Or if he doesn’t accept me I’ll kill myself, and Harman’s family will be responsible for my death.

Simran informs Harman about Mahi’s step, they rush to stop Mahi. Harak tells Harman to handle the matter as Mahi has completely lost it. Saumya tells Mahi to not take such kind of step. Mahi shouts that she wont let Saumya and Harman unite with each other. Saumya won’t get her happiness even after Mahi’s death as this day will haunt them forever. Everyone gets shocked. Mahi says this family always used her. But today she won’t tolerate injustice. Virat tells Harman to break the door. They barged in and get shocked to see Mahi with matches. Mahi warns Preeto not to come closer. She says only Harman will come to her.

Saumya tells Mahi that whatever she wants will happen, Saumya promises Mahi that she will leave Harman forever. She won’t come back again in their lives. Mahi gets convinced. Harman says to Saumya that how can she decide this on her own. Saumya says Harman took this kind of decision and both of them will have to suffer for his decision. Saumya says to Harman that he has to live with Mahi. Its the right thing and everyone will accept it. Saumya tells Harman to swear on her as well. Harman stands shocked. Saumya leaves from there.

Virat comes to Saumya and she says she wants to be alone. Virat tells her she should not leave Harman like that so easily, Saumya says she took this decision for her family’s happiness only. She loves Harman but Mahi won’t understand their love. She can do anything to get Harman. So for family’s safety this decision needs to be taken. Virat says but her family will live a unhappy life. Saumya says she doesn’t want to say anything further.

Harman holds the bottle but Virat takes it and drinks. Virat tells him that their love story is pure and it won’t let them do anything wrong so whatever is happening is right. Harman says means Virat is taking Saumya’s side, he considers Harman as his inspiration then why is he supporting Saumya. Virat says he told earlier that the marriage drama will not work. Now nothing can be changed unless Mahi wants to change it.

Saumya recalls Heer and gets emotional. Later she looks at Harman’s photo and recalls her memories with him, she packs her bag and thinks what kind of destiny game is this, even after meeting Harman she can’t stay with him. She hugs Harman’s photo.

Episode ends

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