Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6th April 2020 Written Update: Virat lies for Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6th April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Parmeet who threatens Harak and Preeto, Parmeet says, once my Virat wakes up and gives a statement against you, after that nobody will be able to save you from going to jail. A nurse came and says that Virat has to wake up.

Afterward, Virat is questioned by the police and his family as to how he fell from the roof of the college and got hurt. But, seeing Heer shaking with fear, Virat lies and says that, he accidentally slipped from there. Parmeet says, Virat I know you are lying. Virat says to her why will I lie. Parmeet and Daljeet get frustrated as Virat help Heer.

Soham says, we now want to leave from here as your own son has accepted that we didn’t do anything wrong. Ahead Harak and his family leaves from there. While Heer noticed a man who has flower bouquet, she asks him can I take one flower from this, as I want to thank someone.

That man says, okay you can take it. Heer comes to the Virat’s room, she saw that Virat is asleep therefore she writes a letter for Virat in which she gives him to get well soon wishes. And puts that letter and flower near him.

After giving the flowers to Virat, Heer comes to her family members and asks them to walk home from the hospital. On the other side Ravi is worried about Soham and the rest of family while Mahi comes to her and says, what is the use of worrying now, I had already said that get Heer out of the house but nobody listened to me, and now we have to deal with this mess because of Heer.

Ravi says stop cursing Heer on everything and if you still have to do the same then don’t come to me. Mahi says, why don’t you understand my point, Heer is a shemale and as long as she stays here she will bother us like this. Ravi tells Mahi we will handle Heer, you don’t need to bother about us. And then Ravi leaves from there.

Heer and other family members arrive at home. Ravi asks Preeto, is everything fine. Preeto tells her no need to worry everything is fine. While Heer says, I am feeling tired so I am going to my room. After coming to her room, Heer starts thinking about Virat meanwhile Shano came to her.

Shano asks Heer about Virat. Heer says, I don’t know him, he suddenly purpose me. Shano says, don’t worry you can share your feelings with me. I am not like other family members. (Episode end)