Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6th August 2019 Written Update: Saumya comes to Singh House to meet Harman!


Epiosde starts with Saumya smiling seeing Harman. Harman keeps the alcohol bottle and offers to dance. Saumya and Harman perform their signature dance. The duo recalls their past. It was Harman’s dream.

Samuya questions to Harman that why he was going to drink alcohol. Harman says but he didn’t drink. Mahi interrupts.

Suamya says she will make tea for Harman. Mahi says she will make tea. Harman says tea Saumya will only make. Preeto says Mahi will make. Shanno too supports Mahi.

Preeto ask Saumya to feed medicine to Harman. She brings the medicine. Ravi asks who is going to give medicine to Harman. She asks Preeto to give a name to Saumya. Sindhu says Harman that in fornt of his wife calling Saumya Gulabo is not right.

Shanno scolds Sindhu. Ravi supports Sindhu. They all does an argument.

Saumya says to Harman that once he has told her that he has decided to call his wife as Gulabo at early age than why he don’t address Mahi as Gulabo.

Mahi brings the tea. Saumya asks to Harman to address Mahi as Gulabo. Harman says that he can’t give anyone any name forcefully. He says Mahi is not his Gulabo and can never be. Saumya and Harman do an argument. Harman goes to his room. Preeto ask Mahi to give tea tray to Saumya. Saumya goes to the room.

Vedant recalls the incident. Rohan ask Vedant to open the door. Rekha comes and ask Rohan to let Vedant rest. Vedant thinks and says Harman and Saumya’s love is strong that she walks on the broken glass pieces to meet him. He collects the broken pieces and throws it on the floor. He recalls Saumya’s word and removes his shoes. He walks on the shattered pieces and thinks of a Saumya words. Vedant says that Saumya belongs only to him.

Preeto looks at Harman’s room. Shanno again tries to fill Mahi against Saumya. She asks Mahi to act smart before it gets late.

Harman tells to Saumya that he burned all her stuffs after she left but he didn’t able to remove her memories from his heart. He pours his heart out to Saumya. Harman says to Saumya that his day and night passes only thinking about him. Saumya listen to him patiently.

Saumya tells Harman about her dream. She tells Harman that she saw he and Mahi in the park with their child. Harman stands shocked.  Harman recalls Harak’s word and goes down.

Harman ask Preeto what’s going on in the house. He says they told him once that Mahi is carrying his child. He further says even Saumya dreamt the same thing.

Harak tries to cover. But Harman ask Preeto to tell the truth. Preeto tells Mahi’s pregnancy truth to Harman. Mahi interrupts and says they all are joking.

Harman ask Mahi to come with him to the doctor. Saumya says to Harman that Mahi is pregnant with his child only. Harman gets angry.

Saumya ask Mahi to reveal the truth. Harman ask Mahi to speak up. Harman ask to everyone that didn’t they all fooled him in group.

Mahi tells Harman the truth. Harman recalls that night incident. Harman pushes away Mahi. Saumya catches Mahi.

Saumya ask Harman to behave properly. Harman blames his family for betraying him. Saumya tries to explain Harman. Harman ask Saumya not to interrupt and ask her leave his way.

Saumya ask Harman to assure her first that he will accept Mahi and his child. Harman ask Saumya to go back home.

Harak tries to interrupt. Harman says he is feeling guilty for calling him his father. He says that he regrets being illiterate and as a consequence every one used him for their benefit. He claps and goes away. Ravi says one more favor Saumya has done on this house. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harman ask for Saumya. Vedant says he can’t see her going to meet Harman each day. He asks her to consume poison. Saumya says if Harman will come to know about his deed than no one can save him from his wrath and drinks the poison. Harman worries for Saumya

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