Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6th August 2020 Written Update: Gurminder tolerates injustice

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6th August 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Preeto is crying in her room.  Harak tries to calm her down.  Preeto says we have done injustice to Soham for Heer.  Harak says we did not do this, the condition is against us.  Preeto says and the promise we made with Soumya.  Harak says we have not broken any promise.  Harak says he will take full care of Soham and will not let Soham suffer.  Preeto says that she will tell Heer about Soham’s departure.  Harak agrees with her. 

At Virat’s house, Panditji asks Gurminder to sit in a circle.  Daljeet brings hot water.  Pandit asks Gurminder to put her hand in it.  Gurminder refuses.  Gurminder asks Daljeet to stop it.  But Daljeet also does not help her and says there will be a little pain.  Gurminder is surprised to hear him.  Daljeet puts her hand in hot water.  Gurminder suffers.  The pundit asks him to repeat twice more.  Daljeet has to do the same and Gurminder sees him and is shocked at his ruthlessness. 

Later, Heer is lost in her thoughts, she is going towards the temple and remembers how Virat has humiliated her.  Gurminder also comes there.  Heer sees her and goes to her.  Heer sees Gurminder’s hand injury and asks how did this happen?  Gurminder weeps and tells her how a creepy pundit manipulated her housemates.  Heer is shocked to hear this.  She takes aloe vera gel and places the goods on her hands so that she can feel relief.  Gurminder gets emotional after seeing this and thinks how her family does not care about her but an unknown girl want to help her.  Both begin to go inside the temple but then Virat and Jharana sees them.

  Virat gets angry after seeing Heer with Gurminder.  He goes to them.  Virat asks what are you doing with my sister-in-law?  Jharna  also taunts Heer.  Heer says angrily that she was only helping Gurminder.  Heer tells Virat that her hands are burnt.  Virat sees Gurminder’s hands and is shocked.  He asks how all this happened.  Heer tells him what the people at his house did.  Virat is taken aback. 

Gurminder scolds Virat for calling Heer bad.  Jharana speaks badly about Virat’s sister-in-law.  Virat gets angry after hearing this and ask Jharan to never a single wrong word about his sister-in-law. 

After a while, in the temple Heer prayers for  Gurminder.  Gurminder also does the same.  Heer then arrives at her house and finds that Soham has left home.  She comes out to find him.  Rohan also accompanies her.  On the way, Heer gets Soham’s identity card which shows her that he is nearby.  She asks the man passing by, has he seen Soham?  He refuses.  Then in a few minutes Heer sees Soham and she calls his name.