Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th April 2020 Written Update: Heer falls for Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with Shano tells Heer that I am not like other,  you can tell me if you have some feelings for Virat. Heer says, Shano dadi there is nothing in between me and Virat, trust me. Shano leaves from there. After a while mahi comes to heer and shouts at her as she thinks Heer is the one who make friends with Virat. Heer says, mother, why you don’t have any faith in me, why you always want to scold me even i did nothing wrong. It’s not me who propose Virat. He is the one who has this kind of intention towards me. But still in your mind I the one who is wrong, if you don’t love me then tell me directly, don’t hurt me like this. Mahi says, who even wants to talk to you and she leaves from there.

Virat on the other hand arrives at his house. Daljeet stop Virat and scolds him for giving wrong statement in front of police. Virat says, if you’re done , then can I leave from here. Later Later Parmindar gives Virat a milk to drink. She asks him to have as it will help him to recover fast. But Virat says, this will not help me as my biggest pain is my family members who don’t want to understand my actual problem. Parmindar console him and says, don’t worry everything will be fine. But for now just drink it and have good rest.

There, Heer thinks about Virat. She wonders Virat is the first boy who confess his love in front all without having any fear of her brothers. Preeto comes and asks her, what are you thinking, go and concentrate in your studies. While, Heer is lost in Virat’s thoughts and can’t able to focus in her studies. On the other side, Parmeet says to Virat that in the future he may become police inspector and such acts don’t suits him. She asks him to be more careful from next time. Meanwhile, Heer think that finally she found a boy who can take a stand against her brothers. She thinks how she will complete her love story with him as her family members are very strict. Heer thinks who will help her.

Virat’s grandfather goes to Virat and asks him to have food. He further asks him to reveal what all happened in a day. Virat then tells him the whole story. While Heer on the other side wants to meet Virat so she takes a bet on coin. And says, if head will come then I will meet Virat tomorrow morning. Later heads came and Heer feels happy as she wants to meet Virat .(Episode end)