Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th August 2019 Written Update: Saumya risks her life for Harman!


Episode starts with Rekha’s husband asking Vedant how careless he is that he got hurt. Rohan ask for Saumya. Mr. Bansal too ask for Saumya. House helper calls everyone to have food.

Rekha ask Vedant is everything fine between him and Saumya. Vedant says yes. Rekha says he is lying and now she has to figure out what’s going on.

Harman and Saumya stand together. Harman recalls Preeto’s word. Dirt goes inside Harman’s eye and Saumya wipes his eye. The duo looks at each other. Harman says his family betrayed him badly and made him stoop low in his eyes. He says now how he will tell to the world that he only belongs to Saumya. Harman cries.

Saumya says everything happens for our own good. She says his respect in her eyes will remain same no matter what. Harman says whatever happened is wrong. He says he is culprit in her and Mahi’s eye. He betrayed her. Saumya tries to console Harman. The duo talks with each other. Saumya ask Harman to return home.

Harman says we both are cheaters and are alone. Harman tries to hug Saumya. Saumya stops Harman from coming closer to her.

Harman ask what is her relation with him. Saumya says there is no relation between them but she’ll only come to meet him. Harak family comes there. Saumya ask Harman to stop drinking alcohol from now and goes away.

Harman says to his family to look at him carefully. He says they made him to stand on the crossroad from where he can neither live nor die. He goes away.

Saumya recalls the incident and says she is feeling relaxed after Harman learns about his child. Preeto comes to Saumya and sees Saumya’s wound.

Preeto says to Saumya that whatever she has done with her after that also the way she is thinking about her family, she is not getting how to thank her. Saumya says she didn’t need to do anything, as now the pain Harman and she is going through can’t be cured. She says she is not blaming her because she knows she has done everything for Harman’s sake but she forgot one thing that Harman’s happiness never lied in complete women. But he always preferred Trans-gender.

Saumya ask to Preeto to now take care of Harman and goes away. Mahi comes from behind and ask what she should do now. She questions to Preeto.

Preeto says to Mahi to always remember one thing that a woman can only complete men and goes away.

Vedant comes and tells to Saumya that he too walked on the shattered glasses like her. Saumya ask him not to act crazy. She lectures Vedant on what love is. Vedant stands shocked.

Harman about to drink alcohol and recalls Saumya’s word. Mahi comes in and says she wants to say something. She further says if he thinks the baby is illegal than she is ready to abort the child. Harman goes away.

Mallika and Chameli discuss about Harman and Saumya’s love. Chameli says she is very sure that Saumya will never marry Vedant. Other Trans-gender says what if Saumya takes a wrong decision. Mallika worries for Saumya.

Saumya gets ready to go to meet Harman. Vedant comes to her room.

Vedant says to Saumya that he can’t see her going to meet Harman each day. He says to Saumya to have poison and die. Vedant mixes poison in Saumya’s water and gives her. Saumya takes the glass.

Harak ask Mahi about Harman. Preeto tells everyone that Saumya may not come from today, as Vedant will not allow her to come.

Saumya says to Vedant that if Harman will come to know that he has given poison to her than none can save him from his anger. She drinks the water.

Harman panics and wakes up calling Saumya. Saumya drinks the poison. Vedant stands shocked.

Precap: Saumya says to Vedant that she is now going to meet Harman before dying so that people will say that Saumya died on the way to Harman Singh’s home. Harman ask for Saumya. Saumya about to step out but feels dizzy and falls.

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