Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th January 2021 Written Update: Heer gets emotional seeing Preeto’s love for her

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Angel holding Heer’ hand and takes her away from Virat. Virat gets up and pushes everyone. Virat and Heer stare at each other. Heer recalls Angel’s words that she can never become a mother or can never please Virat. She starts clapping in front of Virat.

She says my name is not Heer. My name is Apsara. Kinnars are my family. I will go with them. Virat stops Heer and says just stop it. Don’t cross your limit. Come with me. Heer says then what’s your limit. Stop showing sympathy to a kinnar like me. You people hid the truth from me to hide me from the world but now I know my truth. I was fed up with all your lies.

Now I will live there where I deserve to stay. I don’t need your kindness. Virat says who are you to say that my love is not pure. Its mere sympathy. I will remove the ashes which has given you the name Apsara. Virat tries to remove the ashes. But Angel throws ashes at their eyes. Virat can’t see anything. Angel takes Heer with her. Heer turns back and sees Virat. Virat and Preeto rub their eyes and a kinnar gives them water to wash their faces. Virat says I can’t let Heer go away from me.

Parmeet gets happy after hearing the news of Heer’s new life. She says finally Heer is gone forever. She gives everyone sweets and celebrates with them. Sanno comes and Parmeet gives her sweets as well. Sanno throws it away and says its the new chapter of Heer and Virat’s love story. It has not ended yet. Don’t be happy. Sant says then what shall we do now?

Angel says Heer that you have to kill your old self and then only you can enter our house. Suddenly Preeto and whole family come there and Preeto stops Heer and shouts at Angel. She says just shut your mouth. She ties the dupatta on heer’s hand and ties it with her as well. She says Saumya tied it only to assure that you will not disappear from her sight. This is the definition of our eternal bond. You have to promise me that you will go with me right now. Heer gets emotional. Angel says what nonsense is this. Heer needs to free herself from this attachment. She says that burn this dupatta right now and end this topic here. Heer says I can’t do it. This bond is everything for Preeto.

Harak stops Virat and says maybe Hir will agree to come with us. Angel says you can’t live here with these memories. You do it otherwise we’ll force you to do it. Angel does the same and the dupatta starts burning. Heer gets shocked. Preeto gets stunned and doesn’t say anything. She says you can’t break this bond Heer. Heer says please loosen the dupatta. Nothing can happen now. Preeto stands there.

Episode ends.

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