Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th June 2021 Written Update: Mahi realises her fault and gets Saumya and Harman united with each other

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahi thinking about Saumya’s promise. She feels finally she got her rights. Harman enters her room and Mahi says she knew Harman will come to talk to her. Harman folds his hands and apologises to her. He says he is ready to get punished for his deed. Saumya told him to swear on her so Mahi will get her husband and her rightful place in the house too. Mahi gets happy.

Next day Saumya comes after packing her suitcase. All family members get emotional seeing her like that. Preeto says whose evil eye in on this house that nothing gets better even after all these years. Saumya says to Preeto she is lucky that she got her son back. Saumya says she always wanted their happiness and she is again leaving the house for that only, Saumya hopes Heer will be back soon. She tells everyone to accept that Mahi is Harman’s wife only. She tells good bye to everyone. She tells Virat that he will bring Heer back and he won’t let her go away from him again. Virat nods. Saumya leaves and Harman feels helpless. He recalls his moments with Saumya. Virat looks at Harman.

Saumya is about to leave the house but Mahi stops her. Saumya turns back and Mahi goes towards her. Mahi says it was her fault that she tried to force herself on Harman. Mahi shares how she realised it last night when Harman came to her room. FB is shown. Harman says he will stay with Mahi in one room but he can’t share his love with her. His soul in connected to Saumya and he can’t forget her. Mahi takes Saumya to Harman and says she doesn’t want a husband who will not love her. Mahi says she came between Saumya and Harman and its time to accept that Saumya and Harman is made for each other. Mahi says though she thought she can snatch her rights angrily and become daughter in law of the house but she can’t be Harman’s wife that way. Mahi tells Preeto I got married to Harman but the sufferer is me only. But I have to accept the truth that God has made Harman and Saumya’s Jodi.

Mahi says she spent many years with Harman’s family but now she has understood finally that Saumya’s contribution is more than hers. Mahi decides to leave Harman. She says she can’t force Harman to love her. Mahi keeps Saumya’s hand on Harman’s hand. She tells Harman to file divorce. She promises to sign the papers so that Saumya and Harman get married to each other. Mahi requests Preeto to not separate her from them as she has no family except them, she is afraid of loneliness. Mahi asks Harman if he wants her to leave the house. Harman replies he has no objection. Mahi can stay wherever she wants.

Episode ends

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