Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th April 2020 Written Update: Heer makes Virat happy with a special birthday gift

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th April 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viratputting the bouquets and cards on the table of the canteen in front of Heer. Rohan and Soham get angry seeing that. Rohan asks what the problem is. Soham asks him to stay away from his sister. Virat asks him to ask his sister why she has sent him bouquet and cards.

Soham asks him to stop dreaming with open eyes since his sister thinks of him as selfish and greedy. Heer thinks if he is normal since someone is sending him cards and bouquets and he is getting angry. Virat says that since the day she came in his life problems are raining on him. Heerdenies sending him anything and asks him to show the proofs, sender’s name or address.

Lecturer comes there and scolds Virat saying that he started again. He asks Virat to use his common sense and asks him to check her handwriting. Heer gets shocked and says that he can handle this. Soham asks Heer to show her handwriting and make them quiet when it won’t match. Lecturer asks Heer to show the notebook. Heer gives her notebook to him. Lecturer matches her handwriting with the handwriting on the cards. Virat signs Heer to look. He says that Heer is after him and he doesn’t understand why.

Lecturer says that his eyes and mind are weak and show that handwriting are not matching. Virat looks on carefully. Heer recalls asking the bouquet seller to write “Happy Birthday” on the card. Virat sees her smiling and says she is lying. Soham gets angry on him. Lecturer asks Virat not to be around Heer. Rohan says he finds ways to prove their sister wrong. Virat says he doesn’t know that his sister is very clever. He picks the cards and throws backward. Heer thinks she thought he will smile, but he came to fight like a bull. She wonders if he is good or not.

Later Parmeet comes in her car and wishes happy birthday to Virat. The latter asks if she came to wish me. Parmeet says she brought halwa for him and asks him to eat. Virat asks what this new drama is. She says that since the day he was born she has been showing the same motherly love. They sit in the car. Virat eats halwa. Parmeet sees Heer looking at them. Heer asks driver to drive. She sees Preeto on the way and asks driver to stop the car.

Preeto buys lady fingers. Parmeet says she will give 100 Rs per kg and asks him to pack everything. Preeto asks him to give 1kg to her first. The seller gives the entire lady fingers to her. Parmeet asks driver to take it to his house. She says she hates street things and street people. Preeto says she has brought her vegetable at double price and increased its value but she has to come on road for this. She sits in the car.

Preeto is walking in front of her car. Parmeet gets down and taunts Preeto for walking infront of her car. Preeto asks her to make her own road. Virat sees her and thinks that’s why mom got down. He gets down to see what is happening.Rohan and Soham come there with Heer. Soham says they are troubling Dadi. Heer asks Preeto not to fight and asks her to come. Parmeet calls Police and asks them to come for emergency. Preeto says she will see if this police is hers or of government. Heer asks Preeto to come. Preeto jerks off her hand. Virat asks Parmeet to leave it and asks why she is showing her power and money. He also asks her why she is embarrassing me and calling Police. Parmeet asks driver to take Virat from there. Virat asks driver to sit and says he will go with her mother. Rohan asks Preeto to come. Soham says no.

Police comes there. Virat says there is a small matter and they will settle their problem. Parmeet complains to them that Preeto was walking infront of their car. Preeto asks him to salute Parmeet as she is Saint’s wife. The police man says he is traffic policeman and asks her to walk by side. He says he will have to give her ticket.Preeto asks him to ask her to make another road for herself being rich. She says she is ready to pay ticket and asks Parmeet to walk behind her. Virat asks Policeman to take half ticket from his mother as she called emergency. Heer says then it is Preeto’s mistake too. Preeto looks at her angrily. She says she is her grand-daughter, but becomes her grand-mother in need. She asks him not to give challan and says she will take her. Rohan asks Preeto to come. Parmeet looks angrily. Virat asks her to come home and says this much entertainment is enough for the day. Parmeet says he will teach them a lesson. Heer thinks Virat is not bad since he took side of right thing. Virat also thinks of the same.

In the evening Parmeet welcomes the guests at the party and tells that Virat’s Papa is in Delhi for important work. Bhabhi asks Virat not to think wrong and asks him to wear suit for the party. Virat says he would have been happy if his father would have come here. He says he will not go to the party.

On the other hand Heer thinks to make Virat’s birthday party special.Heer thinks Virat will get his gift soon.

Kinnarscome in Virat’s party. Parmeet stops them and says they don’t call kinnar at home. Kinnar asks Virat to give them money and send them.They get money and give blessings to Virat for marriage. Daljeet asks them to go. Virat’s grandfather scolds Daljeet and asks Kinnars to give

Heer tells Channo what happened and asks him if their friendship will happen. Channo says that it will happen for sure. Heer says that Virat is good but rude. Channo says that if she is so excited for him then he must be good only. Heer laughs and says that it is not so serious. Just then Preeto comes and they change the topic.

In the party everybody is dancing while Virat is standing aside. Dadu takes Virat upstairs. Virat says that the party is so boring. Dadu says that they will enjoy their party. Virat asks what if her mother comes. Dadu asks him not to worry about that and play his songs. Virat plays the songs and Dadu dances.

Just then Virat’s phone rings. Dadu asks him to ignore. Virat praises him for his dance. He receives another call and picks it up but doesn’t pick it up. Dadu says that if a girl is giving him blank calls then he should marry him since he seems so patient.

Suddenly they hear “Wakhra Swag” and go to check outside. There is a gift. Virat gets irritated and says that it must be Miss. Syappa only, the girl in college. He says that he is going to return it back to Heer. Dadu insists to open it. Virat says that he will do it for him only. He gets happy seeing a DJ player.

Heer wonders if Virat will get angry on her seeing the gift or he will smile thanking him. She decides to beat him if he gets angry and say “you are welcome” if he thanks him.

Virat tells Dadu that he accepted Heer’s friendship since everybody pressurized him but he didn’t know that Heer would reveal to be such a great friend. He decides to thank Heer for giving him the gift he wanted.

The next morning Heer is deciding what to wear for the special day and chooses an orange dress. She seems very happy.

Rohan and Soham complain because Heer is always late. Soham says that he is a pampered princess. Rohan smiles and says that she is their princess. Soham says that it’s just her misunderstanding that she is a princess.

Heer gets ready and sprays her perfume on Soumya’s pictures saying that she used to spray her perfume on her in the childhood and now she hopes she will come to her smelling this fragrance. Preeto calls her downstairs. Heer shouts that she is coming.

She comes down and says that princess is ready to go to college. Soham, Rohan and Heer are about to go when Harak’s friend Goli comes. He says that it’s good that Heer is there so that they can talk in front of her only.

Everybody sits. Goli says that he saw a very good guy for Heer. Everybody gets shocked. Heer gets excited thinking about her wedding.