Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th April 2021 Written Update: Virat insists Heer to choose a life partner for him

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Harak, Rohan and Akshay are celebrating outiside. Harak gets drunk. Jeet provokes Harak saying he has to show his strength to ladies. Ladies didn’t allow men to enter the function. This is not done. Harak agrees and talks about wrestling match. Rohan tells Harak is scared of Preeto. Jeet takes advantage of the situation.

Saumya and Mahi dance together. Saumya dances with Simran and Mahi tries to dance better than Saumya to challenge her. Preeto stops Mahi. She gets emotional looking at Mahi. Ladies say to Preeto where is Simran’s mother. Preeto says she is out of station. Preeto tells Saumya and Mahi to perform the ritual. Simran stops Mahi and says he wants Saumya to perform the ritual. Mahi gets shocked.

Virat spends time with other girls. One of them asks Virat why is he still single when he is so hot and handsome. Virat says he had a girlfriend but she left him. He looks at Heer. Virat says its good that she left, he got to meet such beautiful girls. Virat asks Heer which girl she likes the most? Heer stands shocked. Virat says Heer knows him from so long so she can choose a girl for him. Heer says she is house manager here. She won’t take part in Virat’s drama.

Simran says she wants Saumya’s blessings for her child. Mahi says Saumya came during her godbharai as well but the result of it everyone knows. Simran says my mindset changed. Mallika tells Saumya is pure hearted. Preeto tells Mahi that she should consider Saumya as human, not just a kinnar. Preeto insists Saumya to perform the ritual.

Virat comes to Heer saying she wants to leave Virat as his life is in danger because of her. Heer tries to avoid him but Virat pulls her near him and says choose a girl for me. You are in my house then listen to me what I am saying. Heer says Virat himself wanted her to behave like an unknown person then why is he reminding Heer of past incidents. Virat says he is not good at choosing life partner , he failed once. Heer gets angry and says Virat is hurting her feelings. Virat says then what about me? What about my feelings? Heer agrees and says she will choose life partner for him.

Saumya performs the ritual and blesses Simran. Others also perform it.

Heer talks to the girls. She says they have to prove how much they love Virat. Heer brings food ingredients. She tells Virat likes homemade food so girls will make Alu Paratha for Virat. Girls get confused. They fail to make food. Virat looks at Heer. Girls get irritated. Heer says these two girls are perfect for Virat. As they are also doing time pass like Virat. Girls reveal they can sacrifice their lives for Virat. Heer says then do it. Girls get shocked and refuse to do it. Heer rejects them saying these girls are all profit makers. Girls complaint about Heer to Parmeet. Parmeet tries to slap Heer for misbehaving with guests but Heer holds her hand.

Other side someone enters in Harak’s house. Everyone gets shocked looking at the door.

The Episode ends

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