Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th June 2021 Written Update: Mahi keeps her eyes on Saumya and Harman

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sant asking Daljeet where is Heer? He says he has no relation with a criminal. Angel tries to manipulate Sant saying what will happen if Heer comes back. Virat again will become her lover and everyone will get to know that Sant’s daughter in law is a kinnar. Sant gets into deep thoughts. Angel says she has all the solutions, if Sant closes her case files she can send Heer far away from them.

Harman thanks Mahi for understanding his feelings for Saumya. Mahi acts innocent and says who will understand if she doesn’t? Mahi apologises to Preeto for her misbehavior. She says she won’t repeat this mistake again. Preeto accepts her and says Mahi won’t go anywhere but will stay in their house being their daughter. Harman tells sorry to Mahi and thanks her for accepting his situation. Mahi again blames herself for her stupid mistake and for taking decision angrily. Saumya looks worried.

Sant gets angry and says he is not like Daljeet who will come under Angel’s influence. He won’t strike any kind of deal. Angel calms him down and says he should think of it. She will handle everything and won’t drag Sant into this matter. Sant leaves. Angel thinks Sant will agree after some time.

Saumya recalls Mahi’s threat. How she tried to kill herself. Saumya thinks something is fishy and how can Mahi accept everything so easily. Harman comes to her and says finally Mahi agreed now they can stay together.

Saumya says she can’t trust Mahi, she is deceiving us. Harman says it must be tough for her to accept something good as she always got hurt by others. Saumya says that’s not true. Harman says to Saumya Mahi accepted the fact that I can’t love anyone else except you. He tells Saumya to close her eyes and he takes her to some place to surprise her. Mahi comes in front of them and Saumya Harman get surprised. Mahi acts like she is happy for them. She tells them to stay together always. She also says sorry to interrupt. Harman gets convinced and Saumya feels weird. Harman says Mahi is not watching them.

Saumya gets delighted to see all the decorations and Harman tells her to wear his favourite color saree. She will look so pretty. Saumya comes and doesn’t find Harman there. She finds a note on mirror. Harman writes that some more surprise is waiting for her and he also gifts her earrings. Saumya wears it and goes to the garden area. Mahi observes Saumya and all the decorations. She gets jealous and furious.

Saumya gets mesmerized seeing all the decorations outside. Harman writes I love you on petals. She smiles at Harman. Harman slowly comes towards her and throws rose petals and Saumya gets overwhelmed seeing that. Harman says after losing Saumya he got her back forever. He can’t control his happiness. He dedicates a Shayari to her and says he loves her alot. Saumya gets shy. Harman prays to matarani so that they always stay together.

Episode ends

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