Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th March 2021 Written Update: Sant disinherits Virat from his property

Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Pics
Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Spoiler: Parmeet Sant barge into Harak's house, Virat gets to know Heer is alive

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Harak threatening Angel that dont try to do anything with Heer. I am scared of all those weapons you brought here. Just leave us. Angel says I have also come with full preparations. Dont stop me else I will reveal Heer’s truth to everyone outside. She then holds Heer’s hand and drags her. Virat looks at her. Heer says how you came here? I told you what’s my decision. Then why are you forcing me. I don’t want to go anywhere.

Angel says I got headache because of your drama. Previously I didn’t create scene as I didn’t want Virat’s interference but now its clear Virat left Heer then why will she not go with them. Preeto says yes she won’t go. Everyone in the family tries to stop Angel but Angel leaves them helpless. Parmeet says to Virat he has nothing to do with Heer now so they should leave at once as Heer’s destiny is in her own hands.

Virat leaves with family. Heer and Preeto get shocked seeing his careless attitude. Heer says leave me but Angel forcefully takes her outside saying now even faith also wants it that you stay with us. Suddenly Virat slaps Angel. Angel falls down and Virat holds Heer’s hand. They stare at each other. Angel’s partners were about to attack Virat but Virat calls police there and they arrest Angel along with her gang.

Virat says arrest them , they are trying to kidnap my wife. Virat tells Angel that I saw you were spying on me and my family so I understood that I have to start my acting else your chapter will never end. It was needed for Heer and I. We respect kinnars and their blessings but you only know how to ruin other people’s lives. You are money minded. Heer gets happy. Virat says Heer and I are connected to each other by heart. So stop these failed attempts.

Angel loses her calm and curses Virat and Heer. She says I won’t let you come together ever. Virat’s family will be ruined because of this Heer only. Whoever will try to help you will also be ruined. Preeto recalls Mallika’s curse and she gets afraid. Angel acts crazily. After their exit Sant asks Virat angrily why did he do all this? Virat says he is not acting now but he genuinely wanted Angel to get punished. Its true that he loves Heer. Parmeet says you fooled your parents now I will never accept Heer as my daughter in law. Virat says if I am your son Heer is your daughter-in-law. Please accept her.

Virat says Heer has sacrificed a lot for me. She cured me. She came back for me. Still you don’t want to understand her love. She can tolerate everything for me. She was even ready to leave me. Virat apologizes to Heer for the drama. Parmeet says no matter what you say we won’t be convinced. Virat says now I won’t allow anyone to come between us. He tells his family to leave.

Sant gets mad at Virat. He says how can you accuse us like that. You have cared for us. You mother gave birth to you, she prayed for you and you are only seeing this Kinnar’s love. Sant disinherits Virat from his property and says we don’t have relation with you. Virat holds Heer’s hand and says with Heer I feel like I am the richest person in this world. Heer and Virat hug each other.

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