Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th May 2021 Written Update: Saumya’s vain attempt to convince Preeto and Harak

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with everyone seeing Saumya and Harman together while they are looking at each other. Preeto shouts Saumya. She says to Saumya means Mahi is right, you have relation with this person. Saumya says yes we all know him but recognised him today.

Kamini scolds Arjun saying why he came back to ruin their plan. She hits him. Arjun says he has so much debt on him. He had no other option. Nayan suggests Kamini that Arjun should also trap Simran as Simran is already heartbroken because of Rohan. She needs someone’s support. Arjun can play with her emotions saying he will accept the child and can marry her. Arjun says Nayan is right. Kamini and Arjun shake hands.

Saumya tells she was thinking practically that’s why she failed to recognise Harman. Because of several betrayal she took time to trust him. She says sorry to Harman. Saumya goes to Preeto and says he is your son Harman. Trust him. Preeto and Harak get shocked. Saumya further says how Harman saved her by risking his life. Saumya says only Harman ji can sacrifice his life for me and can go to any extent to protect me. But we didn’t understand him and refused to accept him. Saumya takes Harman to Preeto saying only his face changed but the person behind this face is Harman ji only. Mahi tells open a drama company for Saumya, her acting is praiseworthy. She came back after so many years and showed fake sympathy and became a part of our family again. Heer told her she is fine so she started having fun with some other guy and now lying about his identity.

Arjun calls Simran and starts acting. He cries saying please let me see my daughter for once at least. Nayan turns on the phone speaker in front of Simran. Virat snatches the phone from Nayan and warns Arjun not to contact Simran again. Virat asks Nayan why she is trying to manipulate Simran when she is already disturbed. Simran says she can’t accept Rohan who is venting out his frustration on his wife. Simran allows Arjun to meet his daughter saying Arjun has the right more than Rohan. Virat gets shocked. Arjun smirks and laughs with Kamini.

Saumya tells this is not drama. She swears on Matarani and says this is Harman ji only. Believe me. Harak tries to convince them. Saumya says I made mistake by not recognising him. But the truth is he is Harman. Preeto recalls how Harman introduced himself as neighbor to her. Harak also recalls how he spent time with Harman and drank alcohol. Flashbacks are shown. Mahi asks why will they believe Saumya? She has some benefit but they won’t get fooled by her anymore. Preeto looks upset and leaves from there. Saumya calls her but Harak also gets inside the house. Saumya was about enter the house but Mahi stops her saying don’t you dare come into our lives again. Before that you will have to face me. I won’t let you come back. Mahi goes inside and closes the door. Harman sits and looks shattered. Saumya also feels helpless. She goes near Harman.

The Episode ends

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