Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th April 2020 Written Update: Heer convinces her family to let her go to the party

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harak’s friend Goli telling the family that he found a perfect guy for Heer who is pretty and respects everybody so she got the proposal so soon. Heer gets excited thinking about her wedding. Harak says that they have not thought about Heer’s marriage yet since she is studying at college for now. Goli insists showing Harak the picture of the guy. Harak gets angry and gets up shouting that he should understand that they don’t want to get Heer married now when he already said once. Harak leaves. Goli asks Preeto to make Harak understand. Preeto says that he should understand that Heer is just a kid for now so they have not thought about her marriage yet. Goli says that it was a good proposal and leaves. Channo thinks that Heer is a kinnar so she would never get married.

Heer asks Preeto why Harak is being the villain of her life. She says that she might like someone and has to marry. Preeto recalls Harak deciding that Heer won’t be like Soumya. She gets teary eyed and asks Heer to go to the college. Heer asks why she is crying. Preeto asks Rohan and Soham to take Heer to college and be careful. Soham and Rohan hold Heer’s hands and leave.

Channo says that it was just a proposal but Heer is much talked about in the society so she will get a lot of big proposals in future. Mahi says that she was scared about all this only.

Preeto goes to Harak who cries recalling Harman’s death and then how Heer came in their life. He says that sometimes he forgets that Heer is a Kinnar. Preeto comforts him.

Soham complains about coming in the college. While Soham and Rohan talk, Heer wonders where Virat is and if he accepted her gift or not. Just then someone pulls her aside.

It’s Virat. He apologizes for pulling her like this. Heer says that he must be sorry for being so touchy with her. Virat says that he has no intention to get in trouble with her brothers. He thanks her for the gift. Heer says that she didn’t hear that so he should repeat it. Rohan and Soham realize that Heer is not with them and start searching for her. Heer hears their voice and asks Virat to come with her before her brothers see them. Virat says that she can go with her brothers since he has already thanked her. Heer says that she won’t accept such a simple thanks. Heer takes Virat away holding her hand.

Rohan and Soham reach there but Heer and Soham are gone. Heer takes Virat near stairs and asks Virat to say thank you with feelings and manners. He asks her to let her go and asks if this is yoga. Heer says she will teach him emotions and reminds him how he was talking to his Dadu and then his mother. She says she is teaching him to talk with feelings. She reminds him how he had asked traffic police to take half ticket from his mom. He asks what she will get if he thanks her with feelings. Heer says she will be happy and she will give him smile which will give him happiness too. Virat says he can’t thank her with feelings. Heer asks him to stand there and calls him arrogan.

Heer is about to leave when Virat says he accepts that he hurt her feelings for 75000inr but adds that if they hadn’t met like that she wouldn’t have come to scold me and then she gave him the gift which he was longing for. He thanks her for the gift with all his feelings. Heer smiles.“Tu hi merakhuda” plays. Heer thinks he is so cute. She says his thank you is accepted and asks if they can be friends.Virat says no.Heer is taken aback.

Heer asks why. Virat says that his life is very complicated and he is good alone. Heer says that everybody has complications. Virat says she knows nothing about him. Heer replies that she won’t know anything about him if they won’t become friends. Virat tells her that his life is controlled by his parents who don’t care about his dreams but just want him to become police officer. He adds that he doesn’t have friends and he doesn’t know how to handle relationships. Heer says that after hearing his story she feels they must become friends because her life is complicated too even though her parents don’t control her life since she has no parents. Virat looks on. Heer tells Virat that her father left her, she has a mother who doesn’t behave like one and the one who behave like mother has gone so far. She asks Virat what is the problem if they become friends and they share their problems. She adds that she is not forcing him to become friends but she suggests him to play the DJ player with happiness. Virat smiles and leaves.

Just then Soham and Rohan come there and ask Heer what she is doing there. Rohan notices Virat leaving. Soham holds her ear and asks where she had gone. Heer says that she went to pay bill in canteen. Soham says that they would have gone with her. Heer says that she didn’t go to eat samosa but just to pay bill. They leave.

A guy announces about a farewell party for Professor Kumar in the night and asks students to contribute if they want. Heer is about to contribute but Rohan says that Preeto and Harak won’t allow. Heer sees Virat contributing and saying that he will be the DJ of the party. Hearing that, Heer thinks that she has to go to the party at any cost. She says to Rohan that she will convince Preeto. She gives money to the guy as contribution for the party.

In the evening Parmeet refuse to let Virat go to the party and bashes his friends. Daljeet comes and says that he doesn’t stay in parties when they organize them at home and now he wants to go with friends. Virat says that he has no friends.

On the other hand Heer tries convincing Preeto to let her go to the party but Preeto refuses. Heer says that she will go to the party at any cost as she has always listened to her but not now. She says she is tired.

Virat’s sister asks what if their father gets to know about the party. Virat says that he is his father not God of his life. Daljeet slaps him. Preeto slaps Heer too. Daljeet warns Virat not to talk like this again. Heer tells Preeto that sometimes she finds her so bad. She cries and says that she hates her. Both Heer and Virat run to their respective rooms.

Preeto wonders what to do with Heer. Harak comes with jalebi. He sees that Preeto is tensed and asks what happened. Preeto tells her what Heer did and that she slapped her. Harak says that she is a kid and would get sentimental so he shall go to her.

Heer talks to Soumya’s picture and cries saying that she left and took her freedom away too. Harak knocks at the door and asks her to open. Heer says that she knows there are others standing outside too and they will make her understand instead of understanding her. Harak swears that he is alone. Heer opens the door and sits on bed crying. Harak wipes her tears.

On the other hand Dadu suggests Virat to go to the party through the window after reminding him about the commitment he gave to his friends.

Harak asks Heer if it is important to go to the farewell party. Heer says that they have a short life and they should enjoy little moments of happiness since her college days won’t come back. She says that Harman and Soumya left and her wedding will happen too one day so she will leave. She asks Harak to convince Preeto to let her go to the party. Harak leaves.

Harak comes downstairs and calls Rohan and Soham there. Harak asks them to take Heer to the party and then take her back home on time. He asks them not to fight. Heer hears that and gets happy. She goes to hug Harak and says that she loves him. Preeto asks Harak what he is doing. Harak says that it’s her age to enjoy. Heer tells Preeto that she can do anything but Harak loves her the most. Channo says that now this Kinnar will be rebel.

Preeto asks Harak why he agreed to let her go. Harak asks if she would have stopped her hearing her saying that she won’t come back once gone just the way Harman and Soumya did. Preeto says that she would have stopped him. Harak says that they should let Heer enjoy before she gets to know her truth.

Heer complains because she doesn’t have any party dress. Channo comes and gives her a dress to wear in the party. Heer thanks her and hugs her saying that she loves her. Channo says that she doesn’t need to thank her and asks her to wear the dress which will look good on her. Channo leaves. Heer says that she will look the best in the party so she won’t do much make up. She gets ready.

Everybody is waiting for Heer to come downstairs. Mahi is about to leave. Channo stops her saying that there is something big which is going to happen. Preeto warns Soham, Rohan and Sindhu to come back at 8pm. Heer comes there and asks how they can be back by 8pm. Everybody gets shocked seeing her in a red short dress.

Episode ends