Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th June 2021 Written Update: Harman blames Mahi

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Harman insisting Saumya to dance with him. Saumya smiles. They both dance together happily. They stare at each other and Saumya notices a shadow, she tells Harman that seems like someone is watching them. Saumya doubts that person can be Mahi. Harman and Saumya search for that person. Saumya goes to knock on Mahi’s door but Harman says she must be sleeping. We should not disturb her. Harman tells Saumya she might have seen a shadow of tree or plant.

All doors and windows are locked who will enter. Later they go to their room and get shocked seeing all the decorations got ruined. Saumya suspects Mahi and says she is just deceiving everyone but deep down she didn’t forgive us yet. Harman goes to confront Mahi angrily. Saumya tries to stop him. Harman says he wants to end this matter once and for all. He knocks on Mahi’s room door. Virat comes to them and asks what happened. Mahi opens the door and acts like she was sleeping. Harman questions her what does she want? Why she messed up everything in his room?

Mahi says she was sleeping only. Harman shows everyone his room condition and asks Mahi even after reuniting him with Saumya why she did all these? Mahi denies. Harman says Saumya saw you in the garden. Saumya says she knows Mahi well. Why is she doing drama, she could have simply told Saumya to leave. Mahi says she has many ways to get Harman back but it was her decision to step aside. What does Saumya want more? One cat comes out of the cupboard and runs through window. Viran says Mahi is being blamed unnecessarily. Mahi says she wanted to leave for this reason.

Saumya tells her to stop her emotional drama. Mahi says Saumya only trying to instigate others against her. Mahi asks Harman even he misunderstood her. He only told her to stay in this house then how could he? Mahi leaves crying but later she smirks. Preeto gets upset and tells Saumya that she could have stopped Harman and looked into the matter sensibly. Mahi finally changed her mind but they taunted her again. Mahi recalls how she put the cat in the cupboard and ruined all the decorations to unleash her fury. She thinks now she will play her card and Harman himself will throw Saumya out of his life. Preeto scolds Mahi and Harman. Harman accepts the fact that without Mahi their reunion was impossible. Preeto says now where will Mahi go now? Saumya says she will talk to Mahi.

Mahi talks to herself and says slowly she will gain Harman’s sympathy and he will accept her. Saumya says she won’t let that happen. Mahi thinks Saumya got to know about her plan. Saumya insists Mahi to not leave the house and says she should witness Saumya and Harman’s togetherness as she only reunited them. Mahi gets surprised to hear sorry from Saumya. She asks you never told me sorry before. Saumya says because I have not done anything wrong. Harman notices Saumya and she looks at him.

Episode ends

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