Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Saumya asks Sant for his help to find out about Heer

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Colors TV show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is entertaining the audience with its exceptional storyline. Its about a struggle of a transgender, who fell in love with a man and since then they are fighting with the society to save their relationship. Its seen how Heer contacts her family and tells them that she doesn’t want to come back. She wants to be independent. Preeto tells Heer not to take such desperate step but Mahi shockingly says to Heer that she doesn’t need to come back here.

Preeto gets shocked and lashes out at Mahi for what she has done. Preeto says Mahi has started hating Heer once again that’s why she told her not to come back. She never cared for Heer, now she is doing the same thing. Saumya tries to console her. This side, Angel plans something big to kill Saumya. Saumya’s contract killer Jeet agrees to kill Saumya for money. Heer searches for a job.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will see that Heer gets to know there’s one vacancy for house manager’s job. She gets the job and seeing Virat she gets shocked. She asks him why he met her after parting ways. Virat asks who are you? I don’t know you. Heer gets surprised seeing Virat’s behaviour. Here, Saumya contacts Sant to get information regarding Heer. She says like Virat is important for him, Heer is important for her. Sant gives her the hospital address of Heer. In the meantime Jeet shoots Saumya.

Will Saumya die?

Or someone will save her?

Will Heer quit the job after seeing Virat?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next keep watching the show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

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