Shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki Written Update 16th December: Harak Singh wants to kill Saumya and Heer but they escapes

The Episode starts with Heer refusing to stay with Soumya.
Soumya tells her that she is going to temple and asks her to come with her. Also Preeto tries convincing Heer to go with her.

Heer asks if they are going to thank God for sending her back. She says Preeto that she is crying as if they will never meet up again at home.
Maninder keeps holding Harak Singh. Preeto answers Heer that they will meet surely and tells Rohan that she is sure that he will take care of his younger sister forever. Soumya takes the kids with her. Preeto’s eyes wells up. Harak Singh pleads Maninder to leave him but Maninder refuses.

Meanwhile Raavi comes out and tells the neighbors that Harak Singh is tired and slept off so the neighbors leave. After that Raavi tells Veeran and others that Harak Singh is not in his room. Shanno says he might have gone behind Heer to kill her. Raavi and Sindhu get tensed and rushes out of house. Veeran thinks Harak Singh may go to jail again and rushes to stop him as well.
Shanno smirks and asks Mahi not to worry and asks her to sit and wait for the good news. They both sit and laugh evilly.

On the other hand Harak Singh hits Maninder and tries to get the sword, but Maninder grabs his hand stopping him. Harak Singh asks him to leave him. Maninder pushes him and takes the sword. Harak singh says you used to hate your kinnar daughter all your life and tells that even his grand-daughter Heer is a kinnar. He says Maninder you can’t save them.

Maninder says he will give them a good life and will not let anything happen to them. Preeto asks Harak Singh why you are after innocent lives. She says Soumya and Heer went far from your life. Raavi and Sindhu come there. Harak Singh says that he wants to kill them and wants to wipe the black spot on their manhood. He tells that he won’t spare them.

Soumya takes Rohan and Heer to an house. She tells that they shall stay there for some time.
Heer says this place is boring and says that they shall go home. Soumya tells her that this place is like your doll house and assures her that she will make the place the way she likes. Heer insists going home.
Harak Singh ties Preeto to the chair. Raavi asks why you are behaving like an enemy to us. Harak Singh asks her not to talk else he will pull out her tongue. He gives Preeto’s phone to Shanno and tells her that Soumya will call on this number. He asks her to keep it safely. Harak Singh calls the Inspector and tells that the kinnar is alive and escaped with his grand daughter. He asks him to get his grand daughter back in 24 hours.
He asks Veeran to use all his goons to find Heer and says whoever gives them that kinnar’s information will get 10 lakhs INR. Veeran gets greedy.

Later, door bell rings at Soumya’s place. She opens the door and finds Maninder standing there. Maninder gets inside and asks her to shut the door. She tells that Gayatri has sent some clothes and food. Soumya thanks him for whatever he has done for Heer and her. Maninder says this is his duty and that he has realized his love and resonsibility towards her daughter. He says your father will stand with you always and bless her.

On the other hand Sindhu asks why he is doing this. Harak Singh shuts her ul. Preeto laughs and says Soumya was saved from death, and nothing will happen to her. She says Harak Singh that he can’t harm her and tells him that both their curse and prayers are very effective and that’s why they are called as Mata Rani’s daughters.

In the meantime Soumya decorates the house and shows to Heer but the latter still insists to go home and asks why they can’t go. Soumya says your grandfather don’t want them to stay there so she brought her here as she can’t live without her. She asks Heer she wants to stay with her or not. Heer replies that she wants to stay with everyone. Soumya promises her that they will return, but not now.
Rohan takes Heer to play. Maninder tells Soumya that they have to leave the city tonight. Soumya says she can’t leave the city without Soham and can’t even leave him with Varun. Maninder says they can’t take Soham now. Soumya insists.

On the other Bebe makes laddoo and tells Varun that she is making laddoo for Soham just as Surbhi used to like it. Varun tells that Soham is fine, but Rohan and Heer are very clever. Bebe gives laddoo to Soham and badmouths about Preeto, Rohan and Heer. Soham refuses to eat laddoo and tells that only Preeto and Soumya are bad but Rohan and Heer are good. He asks her not to say that again and goes inside.

In the night, Heer sees Soumya, Rohan and Maninder sleeping. She recalls Harak Singh telling that he will not spare them. She thinks to talk to Harak Singh and end the fight. She thinks to apologize and stay with them everybody. She gets up to leave but then decides to wait till Soumya sleeps and then opens the bolt and goes out. She walks on the road.
Episode ends

Precap: Gayatri sees Heer and asks what is she doing there at night? Heer tells her that she is going to make her grandfather understand that they shall stay together. Gayatri takes her to have icecream. Harak Singh sees them and calls out for Heer