Shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki Written Update 18th December: HARAK SINGH BEATS MANINDER

The Episode starts with Soham seeing the knife in Soumya’s hands and asking her if she hates him so much that she came to kill him. Soumya immediately throws the knife on the floor and tells that she came there to talk with him and make him understand but Soham jerks away her hands. Nalini says that she is a witch and asks Soham to call Varun. She holds Soumya while Soham goes to call Varun. Nalini calls out Varun shouting that Soham is in danger, Soumya will kill him. Soumya tries to free herself but gets shocked when Varun comes there and points a gun on her.

On the other hand Maninder walks ahead followed by Harak Singh’s men. He knows they are following him and sits on a bench. The men surround him and Maninder laughs saying that he forgot his home address so they should sit with him too as they won’t get any address from him. He laughs. One of the men says that they found him and now they’ll find his home too. Maninder says to find the address if they can and just then Harak Singh hits Maninder with a stick from behind and then passes the stick to one of his men. Maninder laughs. Harak Singh grabs Maninder’s collar and asks him where Soumya is but he keeps laughing. Harak Singh slaps Maninder and his lip start bleeding but he refuses to say anything as now that he got his daughter he got everything. Harak Singh says that he will kill him if he doesn’t tell where is Soumya but Maninder says that he can take his life but he won’t tell him anything so Harak Singh says that he will take his life then.

On the other hand Varun has pointed a gun on Soumya and asks her not to move or else he will shoot her. Soumya says that she isn’t scared by his threats and tells that she is there to take Soham with her and will do that at any cost. Varun says that it’s not just a threat, he will really kill her. Nalini asks him to kill her as she came to kill Soham. A gun shot is heard.

Harak Singh beats Maninder very badly.

Meanwhile Varun has shot upwards and says that it was just a trailer and the picture is left yet. He aims the gun back on Soumya but Soham comes between them and stands in front of Soumya. Varun asks him to leave from there. Soumya thinks that she should take Soham away now and will later make him understand. Soumya throws a vase on Varun who drops the gun from his hands and Soumya rushes out of the room with Soham.

On the other side Maninder doesn’t tell anything to Harak Singh who hits him hard with the stick making Maninder fall on the ground. Maninder, whose head is bleeding, looks at him before shutting his eyes and getting unconscious.

Soham asks Soumya to leave him but she doesn’t let him go. Soumya receives a call from Shanno who tells him that Nalini told her that if she doesn’t leave Soham she will tell whole Gurdaspur that Heer is a kinnar. Soumya is helpless and has to leave Soham who runs away saying that she is very bad and shall never come back to him again.

Soumya thinks what game is destiny planning, first so many lives were sacrificed to hide her reality and now the same is happening with Heer. She decides to tell everybody about Heer being a kinnar. Mallika comes there and tells her that this is the right decision to take if she wants to have a peaceful life with Heer. She says that they both should come in their world and stop escaping. Soumya says that she wants Heer to have a life in which she doesn’t have to keep running away and she will stay with her, keep wandering with her until she doesn’t assure such a life. She sees police coming and tells Mallika that Harak Singh has filed a complaint against him for kidnapping Heer so she has to leave.

Harak Singh tells his men that Soumya will come there searching for his father and then they must follow her and get to Heer.

Soumya reaches there and sees Maninder lying on the ground and Harak Singh and his men around him. They all, not aware of Soumya’s presence, hide.Soumya is shocked and hides herself too. She recalls Maninder making her promise that if he will ever have to choose between Heer and him she will choose Heer. She wonders what she should do and then calls someone.

After a while a car comes there and Gayatri and Preeto come out. They rush to Maninder. Soumya thinks that thankfully Gayatri brought Preeto with her. Gayatri takes Maninder to the hospital.

Preeto pretends to leave the place and Harak Singh orders his men to follow her. His men leave but Harak Singh finds Preeto standing behind him only.Preeto scolds Harak Singh and asks him if he isn’t ashamed of becoming the enemy of a little kid who loves her so much and on the other hand Soumya is struggling to save Maninder who has always hated her. Harak Singh leaves from there angrily.

Soumya comes out and goes to Preeto. She says she is going to the hospital to see Maninder but Preeto tells her that Harak Singh knew she would have come to Maninder and wanted to follow her and reach Heer so she asks him not to visit Maninder at the hospital and go home.

Later Soumya is worried as Preeto didn’t call her yet and she doesn’t know anything about Maninder. Heer brings food for Soumya who hugs her. Heer asks her why Soham didn’t come with her and Soumya tells her that she tried convincing Soham but he didn’t understand. Heer asks her about Maninder and Soumya lies that he is trying to convince Soham too. Heer then prays to Mata Rani to get them successful in convincing Soham.

Rohan asks Soumya what actually happened and she tells him that Nalini got to know that Heer is a kinnar.

Soumya wonders what to do as she can’t leave Heer alone and Maninder is in the hospital too.

Episode ends

Precap: Soumya is in the bazar and gets surrounded by Harak Singh’s men. On the other hand Heer opens the door just to find Harak Singh in front of her. She says “Dadu” while Rohan is shocked.