Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki written update 26th July 2019: Saumya gets angry on Vedant| Harman decides to find the truth!

Episode starts with Harman recalling his moments with Saumya. He destroys the decorations and Mahi gets scared. Harman says flowers were irritating him so he destroyed them. He asks Mahi to sleep. He goes on the couch and sleeps. Mahi covers Harman with the quilt and sleep on the floor.

Harman and Saumya miss each other. Both of them recalls their moments (Mai tenu smajhaawa ki song plays in the background).

Preeto waits for Mahi. Shanno comes and thinks Preeto is worried thinking about Harman and Mahi. Mahi comes Preeto praises her. She asks Mahi about the last night. Preeto says she can tell her. Harman comes and yells at Preeto for asking about his first night.

Lawyer comes and Harman says he called him to sue the company who has filed a case against him. Harak ask him to move on. Harman says he wants to show Saumya that he can live without her. Preeto worries thinking if the case will reopen than Harman will come to know about the truth. She asks Harman to focus on his life. Harman says he will but after unwinding the whole truth. Harak and Preeto asks Harman to go and spend time with Mahi. Harman says the case is between him and Saumya and he will dig deep into the matter at any cost.

Preeto asks Mahi to take her and Harman’s tea in the room. Raavi questions Preeto that Harman going to jail and Saumya’s marriage happened at the same time is fishy. She asks Preeto do she is behind all the mess. Harak yells at Raavi. Preeto thinks of a plan.

Vedant addresses Suamya as ‘Gulabo’. Saumya lashes out at Vedant for calling him as Gulabo. Vedant says he will call her with the same name only. He gets a call from someone and goes away.

Mahi gives tea to Harman. Harman says he don’t want to drink. Harman imagines Saumya. Mahi addresses Harman as ‘Harman Ji’. He asks her to not call him with this name because he can’t tolerate anyone calling him ‘Harmanji’ apart from Saumya.

Sindhu taunts Mahi. Lawyer gets to know about fraud case. Some goons beat the lawyer. Vedant comes with the money bag and asks lawyer to stay away from the case. He calls to Preeto and informs her that he has handled the situation.

Preeto asks him not to tell anyone that she has joined hand with him to separate Harman and Saumya. She turns and sees someone and gets shocked. Mahi stands at the door. Preeto asks did she want something.

Mahi asks to Preeto what she should prepare for the breakfast. Preeto again asks Mahi about the last night. Mahi tells Preeto whatever happened last night. Preeto suggests Mahi to go closer to Harman, as this is the only way to snatch Harman from Saumya.

Harman drinks. Preeto ask Mahi to stop him from drinking, as she is his wife. Mahi says he will not listen to her. Preeto asks to go and stop him. Mahi goes and holds Harman’s hand. Harman angrily looks at her. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Vedant asks lawyer to do anything but close the case. Harman on call hears his talks. Vedant confesses that he blackmailed Saumya to marry him. Harman gets shocked. He brings Vedant somewhere and shoots him.