Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas ki Written Update: Highlights of the week : Heer marries Virat

Virat and Heer’s love story in Colors’ popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki attracted viewers a lot.

Currently in Shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki, Harak and Sant wants to create a misunderstanding in between Virat and Heer they send a girl which clams that Virat is her ex boyfriend and he uses girls like clothes. Heer slaps her for her baseless statement as she believes that Virat is a good guy who never done these kind of shameless thing.

And because of this mess, the principal of the college suspended Heer from the college. Later Heer comes to her house and tells Harak the whole story. Later Harak asks her to go to Amritsar for further studies. Heer agrees with this solution. On the other hand, Shaano calls Virat and tells him about this. Virat wants to stop Heer from going to Amritsar. But Heer tells him that if my grandparents want me to go to Amritsar then I will go.

While Sant put some sleeping drugs on Virat’s milk, so that he could not stop Heer from going to Amritsar, that milk was drunk intentionally by Virat’s grandfather and tells Virat that this milk has medicine. As he knew about Sant’s planing. He then tells Virat to go and help Heer as she is falling into the trap of his family’s lies. Because both of your families lie to you people because they never wanted to unite you. They just wanted to tear you apart.

There on the other hand Heer is set to leave for Amritsar, but suddenly a job offer comes to Heer, which surprises everyone as Heer gets the job too soon. Then Heer tells them that now I have fulfilled your wish, so let me marry Virat. But they says, you can’t marry Virat. Heer gets suprised as her family lies to her. She blames Preeto for breaks her promise that she made.

Harak later grabs Heer’s hand pulls towards the car, as he wants to leave for Amritsar. Heer tells him to stop it, as she don’t want to go. On the other hand, Virat locked up his family, so that they could not give him trouble. He later asks a police man to help him, as some four-five people are forcing a girl to leave the city.

Then later the police see Harak’s car and ask him to stop the car because someone told us that you are forcing your grandchild to leave the city which is illegal. After a moment, Virat also arrives and tells Heer to run away with him. Preeto says, don’t do this, he will leave you later. Heer then takes a promise to Virat that he will never leave her. Virat tells her that I love you very much so I will never leave you alone.

Later both of them runs away from there while Police holds Harak and His so that they can’t trouble duo. After, Harak asks Sant to do something as your son has taken my grandchild with him. Here then Sant asks his people to find those two. But they are unable to find duo. There on the other side Virat and Heer married each other and when later there family came they disagree with this marriage and forcefully takes their child with them and separate the duo.

Will Heer and Virat’s families accept their love.