A lot of drama is going on in the serial Shakti AstitvaKeEhsaas Ki as Soumya is fighting against everybody to keep Heer safe. In the recent episodes it has been showed how she is hiding in a secret place with Heer and Rohan and she is continuously escaping from Harak Singh who wants to find Heer and kill her after he got to know that his granddaughter is a kinnar. He had also reached them but Rohan, Heer and Soumya had managed to escape once again.

Soumya is struggling to get Soham with them too and complete her family and then she will leave Gurdaspur. On the other hand Nalini and Shanno asked Mahi to use her mother card and get Heer back as after all she is the one who gave birth to her and has all the rights on her. Mahi followed their advice and met Soumya and Preeto to tell them that now she wants Heer back at any cost.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Preeto will get enraged hearing about Mahi’s sudden love for Heer and will obviously not believe her. She will bash Mahi and declare that now it is time for them to fight openly. She will shout at Mahi and say her to go and tell everybody that Preeto and Soumya will not let anybody harm Heer at all.

Mahi will also give back saying to remember what she said that is the fact that she will get Heer back at any cost. Preeto is extremely frustrated and will tell Soumya that it is enough now and that now they will not hide anymore instead they will fight openly.

Will Preeto and Soumya win this war against their own family and the society or will Mahi get successful in conquering Heer’s truth and later kill her? Stay tuned to know what’s next.