Shaktimaan 1st May 2020 Written Update: Shaktimaan kills Kastak

Shaktimaan 1st May 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kastak throws his sword at Omlatha. Omlatha curses him and his soldiers. She says he and his soldiers will stay as statue until some pure soul girl puts his sword on his hand and she dies. Kastak tells his soldiers that Omlatha defeated him once but it won’t repeat again. He says Kilvish gave him more powers and he will took his revenge on city people for the curse Omlatha gave him. He asks his soldiers to enquire about Shaktimaan. He says they have to kill him before he gets successful like Omlatha. Editor gets to know that scientist need Shaktimaan’s help. He informs that to Geeta and asks her to cover that story. Geeta says she knows Professor.Bose, he is her father’s friend so it will be easy for her to take his interview.

Geeta meets Professor.Bose. He says he didn’t meet her from long time. She says she came as a journalist to take his interview not as his friend’s daughter. He says he is surprised that she came to take his interview when she used to take big people’s interview like Shaktimaan. He tells her about osonika bomb.

Kastak comes there and hears their conversation. Professor.Bose says this bomb can be misused. Kastak sees Geeta and gets to know that Geeta and Omlatha looks same. Professor.Bose asks Geeta to inform Shaktimaan about osonika. Geeta says she will try to tell him. He asks Shaktimaan is really a human being? Geeta says yes. He says seeing Shaktimaan’s power he doesn’t looks like a human. Geeta leaves from there.

Kastak comes in front of Geeta. She shocks seeing him. Kastak makes Geeta as his gulam using his power. He says he will kill Shaktimaan using her. He gives gun to Geeta and orders her to kill Shaktimaan.

Geeta shoots Gangadhar’s shadow thinking that’s him. Gangadhar shocks hearing the bullet sound and sees Geeta with gun. Gangadhar makes Geeta fine using his power. He asks why she wants to kill him and fakely cries. Geeta sees the drawing done by Gangadhar.

She remembers everything and says she came to kill Shaktimaan. He asks why she tried to kill him then? She says Gangadhar is Shaktimaan that’s why she shooted Gangadhar. She tells him about Kastak. She asks him to accompany her to meet Kastak. He says he is not Shaktimaan and won’t go anywhere with her. But she takes him with her forcefully.

Geeta and Gangadhar comes to meet Professor.Bose but they gets to know from Police that he was kidnapped. Geeta tells Gangadhar that she knows where Professor.Bose will be now. Gangadhar says they have to inform that to Police. She says no need of that because Shaktimaan is with her.

Geeta takes Gangadhar to the place from where they got that metallic box.
Gangadhar shocks seeing that place. They shocks seeing everyone as statue and sees Professor.Bose and Kastak with osonika bomb. They gets to know about the osonika bomb blast and Professor.Bose behaving as Kastak’s gulam. Geeta asks Gangadhar to become Shaktimaan and stop them. Kastak orders Professor.Bose to press the remote. Geeta asks Gangadhar to do something. She follows Professor.

Bose to stop him. Kastak sees Geeta and Gangadhar. Gangadhar change into Shaktimaan and attacks Kastak’s soldiers. Geeta smiles seeing that. Shaktimaan cures Professor.Bose too. He fights with Kastak and stops the bomb from blasting. He kills Kastak with the sword using his power. Everyone becomes normal. Professor. Boss praises Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan makes Geeta and Professor.

Bose forget everything. Gangadhar comes there. Geeta asks where he went till now. Gangadhar says he became statue when she left him alone.

Episode ends.