Shaktimaan 30th April 2020 Written Update: Geeta confess her love to Gangadhar

Shaktimaan 30th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Geeta and Gangadhar reaches the restaurant. Gangadhar praises the restaurant. Geeta orders 2 coffee and asks waiter to give the bill to her. She says Gangadhar acts well and says he is portraying both the characters really well. Gangadhar says he didn’t understand her. She says she knows he is Shaktimaan. He laughs at her. He says she misunderstood him. She apologize to him for insulting him without knowing the truth.

He says she need not to apologize to him, she never insulted him and he is not Shaktimaan. He says she is deliberately making him as Shaktimaan so all enemies of Shaktimaan can attack him. He says he doesn’t know she hates him this much that she wants him to die. She says she knows he is lieing and asks why he is lieing to her? She says she won’t tell anyone about this. He says she become mad. She says yes she is mad for Shaktimaan and Shaktimaan too loves her. She says one day he will accept the truth and goes from there.

Kastak attacks the city people. Hemal tries to give rose to Kamini. Gangadhar sees that and signs him to give it to her. Kamini too notices that. Hemal gives the rose to Kamini. Kamini takes the rose from him and thinks Gangadhar gave this rose to her. Kamini sees rose on Geeta’s hand and says Gangadhar gave rose to her too. One building was about to fall down but Gangadhar stops that using his powers.

Everyone shocks seeing that. Geeta asks why Gangadhar not saying anything about this? Gangadhar says he don’t know what to say. Geeta says he need not to say anything because she knows he only saved that building. She says she knows Gangadhar too love her and goes from there.

Gangadhar recalls Geeta’s words. Gangadhar’s mind voice tells him that he loves Geeta. Gangadhar says it’s not true. His mind voice asks him to accept the truth. Gangadhar says Geeta is good girl that’s why he likes her but nothing more than that. Gurudev comes there.

Gangadhar says he was about to accept the love of Geeta. Gurudev says being a Shaktimaan, with powers he have some limits too and he should not cross that. He says for Shaktimaan his goal is important not love or anything. Shaktimaan says he will keep that in mind.

Gurudev goes from there. Geeta comes there and apologize to him. She asks him to not test her love? He closes the door and murmurs he won’t forget Gurudev’s words. Geeta says she will prove that Gangadhar and Shaktimaan is one person and he loves her.

Geeta sees Gangadhar in Shaktimaan’s dress. She asks why he is hiding his truth from people. He says he didn’t hided anything, just didn’t told. He says Gurudev doesn’t wants his truth to come out that’s why. She asks did he loves her? He says he loves everyone. Geeta takes him somewhere. He follows her and meets Kastak with mask. In fight Shaktimaan gets killed by Kastak and everything turns out to be Gangadhar’s dream. He draws the mask of Kastak.

Kastak tells his army that because of curse they were sleeping till now but it’s time to fight. One soldier tells Kastak that when they goes to attack the people Komlatha saves them. Kastak meets Komlatha and says he won’t let people laugh. She asks him to go from there before she gets angry. He orders his soldiers to attack her. She says he is doing mistake. He throws his sword on her.

Episode ends.