Sharad Malhotra Arjun Bijlani support Delhi firecracker ban and restrain across country

With the pollution levels increasing with each passing day, the Delhi Government has recently sent out a complete ban on firecrackers, including green crackers. The ban will be implemented till November 30. Other state governments including that of Maharashtra have also asked citizens to practice refrain from using firecrackers.

Stars express their support for not using firecrackers and helping the country fight not only pollution but also the ongoing pandemic.

Arjun Bijlani: It is very important to understand the situation in which we are together as a country. The pollution level in Delhi is so worrisome. I have close friends and family there and I think no one should think of adding to that kind of pollution level. Mumbai too, as a city is fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, in which a person’s lungs get affected. The bad air quality will make things so difficult. I would like to urge people to support clean air.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: I think all of us should think about the atmosphere right now. The government shouldn’t have to implement restrictions. We as citizens should be responsible and no one should contribute to the poor air quality levels anywhere. There are so many better ways to celebrate Diwali too.

Sharad Malhotra: I always believe that festivals are about family and that is going to be my focus this year too. Pollution levels in Delhi are scary and the government ban looks like an important thing to do. Even Mumbaikars should practice restraining and the spirit of the city should be celebrated more than anything.

Suraj Kakkar: I believe in a green and healthy Diwali. The whole point of a festival is happiness and good health for everyone. We will not be celebrating Diwali if we know that our children and family will be choking in bad air the next day. I think the Delhi ban is understandable and I hope Mumbaikars also behave responsibly.