Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 1st April 2021 Written Update: Shaurya irked seeing Anokhi and Ahir in restaurant

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 1st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shaurya asking about Anokhi and Reema. They say they are not coming. They start ordering while Shaurya gets irked. Ahir with is with Anokhi and gives her accessory to her. He invites her for lunch and Anokhi offers to buy him food. Kitty insults Anokhi while Shaurya looks angry at him. Ahir says he will buy the food and Anokhi agrees. Shaurya wonders why couldn’t he enjoy and wonders if its because of Anokhi. Ahir comes to the same restaurant with Anokhi. Shaurya finds Anokhi and is about to greet her with flowers. However he gets shocked seeing Ahir with her and gets angered.

On the other hand, Devi meets up with Shagun. She welcomes her back. Shaurya is looking angrily at Anokhi and Ahir. Shagun asks how did she got to know that she was in India. Devi says not Mrs. Sabherwal but Shaurya’s Badi Maa wants to meet her. A student finds Shaurya furious and everyone teases him for the same. Devi says there’s still something left between them. Shagun recalls whatever happened. She says that they doesn’t have anything between them anymore. Devi says Shaurya still loves her and has feelings for her.

Shaurya says the students that they can go to another restaurant and they all agree. He leaves furiously. Shagun asks why’s she saying all that to her as she has already moved on. Shagun says its not easy for her to move on. Devi says she still miss him and says there’s still hope. Shagun says it’s been long and they never spoke with each other, In fact not even spoke about each other. Shagun says she pleaded a lot but he still avoided her.

Shaurya shifts his anger towards Kitty when she questioners him. He asks her to go first and settle the bill while he will be back after making a call. Waiter says Ahir and Anokhi that there’s a vacant table now. They move to fill it. Shagun says Devi that it’s too late but Devi says it’s not. Shagun asks if it’s Shaurya who sent her there. Devi says no while Shagun says she’s wasting her efforts then. She’s about to leave when Devi asks if she still loves him. Shagun looks on. Ahir says Anokhi that he knows well about the menu, and asks her to say what she wants. Shaurya comes there and Anokhi wonders if he’s following her.

Shagun says what if she does love him as its of no use. She says that she was ready to spend her whole life with him while she asked only 2 years for completing her PhD. Shagun says Devi knows it well as ate was the most against it too. She says they believed it was a big crime. Devi says Shaurya can never express his feelings. She asks if he ever shouted or got angry on her.

Shagun days that’s the problem as he never tried to stop her. Devi asks if she would’ve stopped if he stopped her. Ahir taunts Shaurya seeing him while they both throw insults at each other. Devi says Shagun that she never saw Shaurya happy after her leaving because he misses her. She asks isn’t it the sane for her. Shagun thinks while Devi wants Shagun to accept so that she can get rid of Anokhi. Shaurya says Ahir that he’s abusing his power to trap a girl. Anokhi says its not like that but Shaurya shuts her angrily shocking her.

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