Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Ahir and Shaurya proves Anokhi’s innocence.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

‌The episode starts Aastha scolding Shaurya for not trusting Anokhi. She says that Anokhi is facing the same that she faced years ago and asks if woman doesn’t have a permanent place in their in laws. Shaurya says that he’s busy and will speak later. Aastha asks what does he mean by later and says that she thought he’s different from other men of the house but not.

Shaurya asks her to not disturb him anymore and cuts the call. He checks Priyanka’s documents and couldn’t find anything. Peon comes there to get signature on a file. Anokhi takes her signed certificates from Peon.

‌Another meeting is organised and Tej and Alok asks the reason for it. Ahir is also present in the meeting. Shagun silently asks Priyanka to not go against the them and threatens her. Ahir says that they are here to investigate the voice recording and asks Priyanka what Anokhi said to her. Shagun tries intervening but Ahir shuts her. Priyanka says that Anokhi asked her to file complaint against Alok. He asks when and Priyanka says 11: a.m.

Ahir says its not possible as Priyanka was in the class at that time and she can’t ask her to do so in front of so many students. Priyanka stammers and says that she don’t remember the exact time. Ahir says that she’s lying and the voice recording is tampered. He plays Anokhi’s debate speech recording and the accused voice recording and says that the voice is tampered from the debate recording. Shaurya recalls checking Anokhi’s documents and finding her brother’s appointment letter as a teacher in the college and warns her to say the truth. Ahir says she may even get arrested for filing fake complaint against Anokhi.

Priyanka apologizes and says that Anokhi is innocent and she didn’t ask her to do anything. She says that she’s harassed by Alok and the recording is true. She says that she was forced to file complaint against Anokhi and apologizes Anokhi. Shaurya confronts Alok for not only harassing a student but also manipulating her. Alok immediately denies the accusations and blames it on Shagun as the master planner.

Shagun couldn’t say anything while Shaan and Shaurya lashes out at her for doing such a cheap act being a woman and professor. Shaan rusticates Shagun from the college. Ahir asks Anokhi if she’s ready to do file complaint against Alok and Shagun but she says she don’t want to. She says she just wants the truth out. Tej says Alok that he will not be left too and feels ashamed of him. Shaurya makes him sign the apology letter.

Priyanka apologizes Anokhi and Shaurya but  Shaurya says that she’s not fault as she was a victim of the royal play. He says it’s their fault that they couldn’t provide a safe environment for her. He assures to have a proper placement for her brother and Priyanka leaves thanking. Ahir too takes his leave while Shaan and Anokhi thanks him. Everyone leaves and Shaurya tries speaking with Anokhi but she leaves.

Shaurya is packing his things when Tej and Devi comes there. They asks what’s he doing and Shaurya says that he can’t stay in a house where there’s no love or care. He says that they just care about the Sabherwal tradition but doesn’t have any love for anyone. They expect everyone to act upon their saying and he can’t do that anymore. He says he don’t want to stay in a place where a person like Alok is staying and also says that he don’t want to become another Shaan. He says that he’s thankful for all that they’ve done for him and says that he respects them a lot but can’t stay there anymore. He leaves the house..

Precap : Dev and Tej apologize to Anokhi and will ask her to return back but she denies.

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