Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 4th May 2021 Written Update: Tej confronts Devi.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 4th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devi scolding Aastha and Aastha taunts her back. Anokhi says that her career is more important than love. Babli says that when the right time comes everything will come to her. Vineet comes there drunk and Anokhi says Babli that this is the right time for saying about event cancel. Anokhi wants to accompany her too. Shaan wonders that what Shaurya spoke with Anokhi. Aastha says Anokhi asked so many questions. Vineet is busy on call.

He commits various things trusting Babli’s money. Anokhi and Babli comes there and she steps forward. She says that the event got cancelled and they won’t be paid. Vineet gets shocked and scared hearting it. He leaves and Anokhi and Babli plan to leave too. Anokhi wonders why Vineet feels more scared than upset.

Anokhi meets with Kanchan who says about Shaurya gaining consciousness. Anokhi says it has nothing to do with her as its already done between them. Kanchan tries explaining but Anokhi doesn’t listen. Kanchan pleads Anokhi to meet with Shaurya only one bit Anokhi makes it clear that it doesn’t work out. Vineet hear their talks hiding. Anokhi leaves while Kanchan gets Shaurya’s call. She says about Anokhi’s condition and asks him to console her. She says Anokhi is really upset. Shaurya says he will and cuts the call.

Tej is scolding Devi for Shaurya going out of their hands. She says whatever she did was for the happiness of Shaurya. Tej says if a lots of pressure is applied on diamond the diamond would shatter too. He asks why did she announce the engagement without consulting with Shaurya. Devi says if she didn’t do so Shaurya would’ve definitely proposed Anokhi. Shaan and Shagun are listening to them hiding. Tej says they because of her Shaurya has gone out of their hands.

Shagun leaves and Shaan follows her. He says to her that he can understand her pain. Shagun thanks him and says that at least he could understand her pain. She says that she wants to marry Shaurya so that his life won’t be ruined being all alone just like him. Shaan gets hurt and Shagun apologizes for hurting him. He leaves the place when Shagun thinks that she needs to hurt him in order to get his support. Anokhi is packing her things to leave and recalls her moments with Shaurya.

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Precap : Shaurya goes missing. Anokhi and everyone in search of him.

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