Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 6th May 2021 Written Update: Aastha and Devi comfort each other.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 6th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aastha wanting to meet Shaurya but Devi says that he’s not there. Aastha says that she once backed off but won’t do the same mistake again.

She says that she will not leave until she finds Shaurya. Babli is cleaning Vineet’s clothes when Anokhi finds something sparking falling from the coat. Anokhi is about to find Shaurya’s watch when door bell rings. She misses it. Aastha asks if they informed to police. They say no and she scolds them.

Alok taunts her. She’s about call Police Tej says the work will be fast only if anyone from Sabherwals calls police. Babli and Anokhi are spending quality time together. They enjoy forgetting about their problems. They both recall their childhood and smiles. Anokhi looks at the cake and recalls her birthday with Shaurya. They both start eating and enjoys together. They both leave to bed.

On the other hand, Shaurya family is worried. Aastha says Devi that nothing will happen to Shaurya. She says he has both the mothers blessings. Devi says that she will not force Shaurya for engagement or marriage and just wants him back. Shagun leaves upset at her words. Aastha asks whether Shaurya cried a lot when she left him.

Devi says he did and she still remembers his pain. Aastha says only today she understands the pain. She says they both have so much issues but their love for him as a mother is same. Alok and Shaan are tensed too. Aastha comforts Devi. Shaan is scared.

Vineet talks about a job that has to be done without anyone’s knowledge. He looks at Kanchan with bad intentions. Anokhi talks about her dreams and Babli says she wishes Shaurya doesn’t come in her dreams. Anokhi says now her focus is only on studies. They both are happily discussing about the tattoo on Babli’s hand to remind her about her strength. Vineet comes and flirts with Kanchan.

Babli and Anokhi notices it. Kanchan recalls him to be the guy who tried taking advantage of her. He tries getting close when Kanchan slaps him. Anokhi and Babli gets shocked seeing it. Vineet tries blaming on Kanchan. Babli apologizes Kanchan and takes away Vineet.

Anokhi apologizes her too but Kanchan asks her to let it go. Yash comes there and asks what happened. She says someone tried to misbehave with her but she handled it. Yash asks if he’s the one who troubled her in beach. Anokhi asks him to let it go while Kanchan asks him to leave it.

Someone has kidnapped Shaurya and tied him up to chair. He’s struggling to release himself. Vineet scolds Babli and threatens to call her father. Babli looks at the tattoo and takes stand against Vineet that he couldn’t complain seeing her bravery. Babli looks at the tattoo and thanks Nikki in mind for letting her know about her strength.

However she least expected Vineet to swing his belt at her. Babli gets beaten up. Anokhi comes to find Babli who’s unconscious. Vineet lies to her that Babli is sleeping and sends her away not letting her see her. Anokhi gets doubtful and worried.

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Precap : Anokhi is worried about Where’s Shaurya. She’s scared what if something happened to him.

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