Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th May 2021 Written Update: Vineet blackmails Sabherwals

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts Anokhi and Babli trying to escape the when Vineet comes there. They both starts panicking and hides. Vineet enters the room only to find it empty. He starts searching while Anokhi and Babli escape the same way as Anokhi entered. He gets angry.

Devi is adamant to bring Shaurya giving the Ransome. Tej is against the idea and wants to inform Police. Devi denies it and gets scared for Shaurya’s life. She’s scared that the kidnapper might Shaurya.

Tej tries to make her understand that there’s no guarantee that the kidnapper will leave Shaurya even if they pay the money. Aastha too supports Devi and doesn’t want to involve Police. Anokhi brings Babli to Shaurya’s room and starts applying medicine.

Babli is crying and Anokhi says that it has gone too far. She says that this time when they ho back to Chandigarh she shouldn’t go back to Vineet. She says that she tolerated a lot and he has already beat her like animal.

Anokhi asks her to take divorce from Vineet while Babli gets scared for Anokhi’s safety. Anokhi says that she is not scared any can fight back. Tej calls them for thinking from heart and not mind. Shaan stands with Aastha and Devi and agrees to bring Shaurya back by giving the money. Tej and Shaan argue over the issue and Shaan wants to bring Shaurya using money and not involving police.

Anokhi asks Babli to take divorce from Vineet. Babli says that it’s not that easy and is scared to take the step. Anokhi tries making her understand but Babli doesn’t have the courage. Tej asks Shaan to trust his decision and says that they can track the kidnapper’s location once he calls them and can rescue Shaurya.

Kidnapper calls Shaan and demands 10 lakh the next day. Shaan asks for proof to feel assured but the kidnapper doesn’t give away any clue. He says a location and asks Shaan to bring the money. Saying so he cuts the call and removes Sim card. The kidnapper is revealed to be Vineet and Shaurya is tied up to chair.

Tej gives money to Shaan and Shaan warns him that they should catch the culprit by tomorrow. Tej says they’ve noted the series number and asks him to follow the instructions by police. Vineet’s henchmen said that he enquired about Shaurya and he’s very rich. He asks why did they don’t ask for more money but Vineet says they shouldn’t get too greedy. He says that if Babli got paid then all this wouldn’t have happened. He asks him to take care for the night and leaves.

Shagun asks Devi to wait for the night and tomorrow Shaurya will be with them. Devi says this is going to be the longest night of her life.

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