Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Aastha to help Anokhi meet Shaurya

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Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani was witnessing a cute and mesmerizing chemistry of Shaurya and Anokhi in Goa. But Devi’s one announcement brought differences and distance between them. Let’s how will Shaurya and Anokhi fight for their love against their families.

In the last episode, Devi purposely didn’t let Shaurya speak and announced Shagun and his marriage. She hurt Anokhi again and again by making her congratulate Shaurya and Shagun.

Anokhi ran far away. Shaurya somehow went behind her to find her. He even got into a tiff with Devi and told her that he will take his decisions on his own. Shaurya somehow reached Anokhi and got into a fight with Ahir. Further, Shaurya tried to clear Anokhi’s misunderstanding but she asked him to go away and be happy.

In the upcoming episode, upset Shaurya and Anokhi will look at each other and recalls moments with each other. Devi will walk here and there shocked. She will tell Shagun that Shaurya told her that he loves Anokhi.

Devi will try again take out Aastha’s past mistakes in front of Shagun. She will try to manipulate Shagun by telling her that she is Shaurya’s requirement; whereas Anokhi is his love. She will further manipulate her by telling that like Shaurya chose her in the past leaving Aastha, now he will choose her (Shagun).

Shagun will finally get manipulated by Devi and decided to make Shaurya hers. Shaurya will recall past moments and drive recklessly. Other side, Babli will try to calm and advice Anokhi to focus on her future. Anokhi will decide to leave love and all and focus on studies and career.

Devi and Shagun will lie to family about Shaurya’s whereabouts. Shaurya will reach home and everyone will get tensed seeing injured Shaurya. Doctor will ask Sabherwals to get an MRI of Shaurya done till next morning. Gayatri will inform about Shaurya to Aastha. Ahir will get an urgent case to attend.

Anokhi will receive a voice note from Kanchan. She will get shocked and worried to know that Shaurya met with an accident.

In the further episode, with Aastha’s help Anokhi will meet Shaurya. She will tell unconscious Shaurya that she loves her. Anokhi will get shocked to know from Shagun that in past, Shaurya blackmailed her to choose between him and her career.

Will Anokhi believe Shagun’s words? Whether Shaurya will be able to accept Anokhi in front of his family? How will Shaurya and Anokhi’s love cross the upcoming hurdles? What will be Anokhi’s decision on knowing about Shaurya’s past truth?

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