Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Anokhi to take a step against Vineet?

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Star Plus one of the most popular shows, “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” is going through a lot of twists and turns in the storyline. On one hand, Shaurya is missing since he went out to meet Anokhi and vanished totally. Anokhi who is under the influence of the words of Shagun right now thinks of Shaurya to be a misogynist. She takes the call of not continuing the relationship with Shaurya anymore.

However she is still in love with him and is missing him terribly. On the other hand, Babli who is with Anokhi in Goa wants her sister to move on from this relationship and she is sort of happy that there’s nowhere around her. Vineet is lately doing something very doubtful and he has the wrist watch of Shaurya which really is not something fitting the bill. The family of Shaurya is trying hard to look for him among his friends and the places where he can possibly visit but now it’s been more than 24 hours since he is missing.

In the upcoming story line the audiences of the show are going to witness a lot of drama and developments.

As per the current storyline, Anokhi is trying hard to move on from all the belongings and memories attached to Shaurya. Also Babli is trying to cheer her up with her antics and childhood talks. Both the sisters had great fun with each other for a while, however Anokhi is still missing Shaurya somewhere in between the fun time.

On the other hand Vineet tries to misbehave with Kanchan, the sister-in-law of Shaurya. Kanchan who is unknown to the connection between Vineet and Anokhi scolded Vineet and also slapped him for his behaviour. Babli takes a stand against Vineet in front of all and asks him to come with her in their room. Vineet who is habitual to violence against wife takes the whole thing on his male ego and beats Babli with his belt in the hotel room.

Anokhi who is with her sister finds it odd to see that bubbly is not coming out of the room to meet her and she senses something wrong. On the other hand Aastha finally takes charge of Shaurya and says what mistake I have made 25 years ago I will not repeat again.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Anokhi will seek help from ACP Ahir to get her sister Babli out of this mess and lodge an FIR against Vineet. Also Anokhi is going to search for Shaurya with the help of Ahir. On the other hand the mystery still remains the same as who can be the kidnapper of Shaurya among all people.

Will Babli get justice this time? Will Anokhi be able to get Babli out of this toxic marriage? Will Ahir be able to trace Shaurya and find out the real culprit? Is it Vineet who kidnapped Shaurya for money?