Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Weekly Update: Curtains close with a happy ending for Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani.

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Star plus popular daily soap ‘Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani ‘bid adieu to its audience with its final episode that aired on Saturday. The show that started as a love story between a smart student with progressive thinking and a college professor with regressive thinking had its own ups and down before having their happily ever after. Here’s what that happened in the final week of the most loved show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani.

In the final week we have witnessed that Anokhi joined the students protest against her own family while Shaurya felt disappointed with her move. She took stand for Priyanka against Alok and faced criticism in the house by Devi. Shaurya tried implying Anokhi that Priyanka would’ve misunderstood but Anokhi stood firm in her stand.
On the other hand, Ahir got eviction letter from society people for providing shelter for Babli. He spoke with Secretary but he too couldn’t help as Vineet manipulated everyone in the society. Having no option, Ahir lied that he and Babli are getting married and Secretary immediately cancels the eviction letter. Anokhi’s protest became huge when media got involved.

Media interviewed Anokhi but Anokhi didn’t took Alok’s name. Kitty and Bebo protested against Anokhi for framing Alok. Shaurya and Shaan sent away media and demanded proof against Alok. Anokhi played the voice recording and everyone got shocked hearing it. Shaan and Shaurya blasted at Alok for his cheap act while Tej ordered Alok to write apology letter having no option.

Babli got to know about Ahir’s lie and was really disappointed with him. Anokhi was criticised by Tej and Devi for not caring about family’s reputation but Shaurya defended her. Shaurya and Anokhi apologized each other and made up for their misunderstanding. Next day, Alok faced criticisms for his deed when Shagun came up with a plot to save him and frame Anokhi.

She manipulated Priyanka with money and offered job to her brother for giving statement against Anokhi. She tampered Anokhi’s debate speech and provided evidence against her. Having manipulated by Shagun, Priyanka wrote accusation letter against Anokhi. She blamed Anokhi for provoking her to complaint against Alok due to her early vengeance with him.

Tej and Alok lashed out at Anokhi over this but Anokhi screamed that it was not her. Only Shaan supported Anokhi while Shaurya stood too shocked to react. Anokhi pleaded Shaurya to believe her but he left without a word. Kitty and Bebo proved Anokhi wrong and everyone stood against her except Reema. Shaan and Anokhi came home who got lashed out by Devi and Tej. Anokhi pleaded then to meet with Shaurya once but Devi said Shaurya didn’t return yet.

They asked Anokhi to leave the house and Shaan too agreed saying that Anokhi won’t stay at peace there. Anokhi left the house with Shaan.
Anokhi was shattered and left with Shaan. On the other hand Vineet once again bad mouthed Babli and Ahir and accused them for having an affair. Babli provided proofs for his abuses and threatened to expose all his crimes with evidence if he doesn’t sign the divorce paper. Vineet signed it grudging and left without an option. On the other hand, Anokhi found solace in Aastha’s arms and was very disheartened that Shaurya didn’t trust her.

On the other hand, Shaurya returned home and blasted at everyone for throwing Anokhi out of the house. He expressed his trust over her and believed that Anokhi is innocent. He swore to prove Anokhi’s innocence. Next day, Ahir investigated Anokhi’s case upon Shaurya’s complaint but Anokhi was not aware of it.

Another meeting was held and Shaurya and Ahir proved Anokhi’s innocence with proper evidence shocking Alok and Shagun. Priyanka accepted the truth while Alok revealed Shagun’s plot. Tej cancelled Anokhi’s rustication while Shaan terminated Shagun for her cheap act. Alok was asked to write apology letter and Priyanka was excused as she was a victims of everyone’s plotting.

Priyanka left apologizing Anokhi. Shaurya tried to speak with Anokhi but she left thanking Ahir. Shaurya moved out of the house and went to Anokhi. Ahir revealed that Shaurya trusted Anokhi from start and Anokhi was elated to hear it. Tej and Devi threw Alok out of the house and apologizes Anokhi.

They pleaded her to come back but she refused. Shaurya followed Anokhi’s decision. Devi and Tej regretted for their action and decided to change for good. Anokhi and Shaurya returned as a surprise and reunited with Sabherwals. Devi accepted Aastha back into the house too. Anokhi United with Babli and Tejo and won a debate competition. The show ended with Shaurya and Anokhi uniting recalling all the moments of their life.
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