Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Saberwals to know about Vineet?

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It seems like problems are never going to end anytime soon for Shaurya and Anokhi. Both of them came to Goa to spend some quality time with each other. However nothing like that happened, more over their relationship is also in danger all thanks to Shagun and their manipulations.

The fans of the show are extremely patient and as well as going restless for not being able to see Shaurya and Anokhi together in a single frame. It was quite obvious that Shaurya was not ready for whatever happened that day and now Anokhi is not able to handle the pain and the longing for Shaurya. While the family is currently trying to know the location of Shaurya and also decided to give the money to the kidnapper so that they can bring their child home.

The story of the show has taken an interesting twist where Babli once again has been abused by her husband Vineet. Anokhi is trying to cheer her up Babli and tells her that we can go for divorce only if you agree.

On the other hand, Kanchan finally gets to know how Vineet treats his wife and she says to Anokhi that why don’t you file a complaint on behalf of your sister’s name. Anokhi is trying to cheer up her sister but Babli is too scared to give full support to Anokhi. The family members of Shaurya were still disturbed and Vineet went there and tried to keep calm. However, Kanchan indirectly tried to make bubbly understand that she needs to fight for herself and for what is right.

After some time, Vineet comes and tries to take away Babli with him but Anokhi stops him. The next morning, Vineet again tried to show his audacity on infront of his wife Babli. However this time Anokhi gets extremely angry at her brother-in-law and she slapped him, imprinting five fingers at his cheeks.

In upcoming episodes of the show, Anokhi you will find out the wrist watch of Shaurya from the room of Vineet. It will not take her so much time to conclude what exactly happened. She will visit Saberwal villa to inform everyone about it. Later, she directly confronts Vineet and his partner for kidnapping Shaurya.

Will Shaurya be able to free himself from that state? Will Anokhi also gets herself in trouble for talking to the kidnappers all alone? What will be the next step of Babli?

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