Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Shaan and Aastha to return and unite Anokhi and Shaurya?

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Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani was witnessing a happy track of Anokhi and Shaurya’s cute and twisted chemistry. Both of them were having the best time of their life with each other in Goa. But there happiness faded away with Devi’s announcement of Shaurya and Shagun’s re-engagement. Let’s see how would this announcement affect Anokhi and Shaurya’ relationship.

In the last episode, Shaurya gave Anokhi many gifts and surprises to Anokhi on her birthday. Before he could give her his last surprise by saying, “I love you” again, Devi, Sabherwals and Shagun reached Goa with an evil purpose.

Devi faded away Shaurya and Anokhi’s happiness by announcing Shaurya and Shagun’s re-engagement. She purposely avoided Shaurya and hurt Anokhi.

In the upcoming episode, Devi will tell everybody that she will soon announce Shaurya and Shagun’s marriage date. Shaurya will try to reveal her about his love for Anokhi but Devi will purposely not let him speak saying she is very happy. Shagun will too hurt Anokhi by telling guests that now nobody would come in between her and Shaurya.

Devi will ask Anokhi to say something about Shaurya and Shagun. Anokhi will congratulate Shaurya and Shagun with a heavy heart and make them eat a chocolate. Shaurya will try to stop Anokhi but Shagun will stop him. Babli and Ahir will go behind Anokhi. Anokhi will throw her accessories while running away. Ahir will save Anokhi from meeting an accident.

Anokhi will not be able to control her emotions. Ahir and Babli will take Anokhi to Ahir’s hotel room. Shaurya will desperately search for Anokhi. Devi will try to stop him but he will get angry on her instead. She will try to manipulate Shaurya by bringing Aastha and past in between.

Shaurya will tell her that he too has the right to take decisions of his life. He will further shock her by telling that he doesn’t love Shagun but someone else. Reema will ask Babli about Anokhi’s condition and will ask her to take care of her. Shaurya will ask Reema about Anokhi’s whereabouts. Reema will initially refuse but at last she will tell Shaurya that Anokhi is in Ahir’s hotel room.

Ahir will not let Shaurya talk to Anokhi. Both of them will have a tiff and fight. Ahir will make Shaurya recall his words that he will not come in between him and Anokhi if Anokhi is happy. Anokhi will stop their fight and refuse to believe Shaurya explanation.

In the further episode, Kanchan will inform Anokhi about Shaurya’s accident. Worried Anokhi will run to Sabherwal house to meet Shaurya; but Devi will not let her meet Shaurya and close the door on her face.

As per information from sources Deepa Parab/Chaudhari aka Aastha and Khalid Siddiqui aka Shaan will soon return to the show.

Will this situation will let Ahir enter Anokhi’s heart? Whether Shaurya will be able to accept Anokhi in front of his family? How will Shaurya and Anokhi’s love cross the upcoming hurdles? Will Anokhi let Shagun snatch Shaurya from her?

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