Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Shaurya and Shagun’s engagement announcement to shock Anokhi

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Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is witnessing a fresh track after Shagun’s come back in Shaurya’s life. Shagun and Sabherwals want to Shaurya and Anokhi away from each other. But other side some people like Reema and Kanchan are there who are too trying to unite Shaurya and Anokhi. Let’s see will Anokhi and Shaurya unite or walk on separate paths.

In the last episode, Babli reached Goa with Ahir and stopped Anokhi from confessing her love to Shaurya. She lashed out at Anokhi and Shaurya both. In between sister’s tiff Shaurya got to know that next day is Anokhi’s birthday.

Babli took Anokhi away, where the latter explained former her feelings about Shaurya. Babli told Anokhi that she just doesn’t want her heart to break. Both of them decided to stay in Goa for a week.

In the upcoming episode, Anokhi will order food for herself and Babli. Lot of food will arrive and Babli will refuse to eat thinking Shaurya ordered it for Anokhi. Anokhi will convince Babli and both sisters will eat happily. Next morning Shaurya will meet Babli and ask her help in making Anokhi’s birthday special.

Babli will warn Shaurya to not break Anokhi’s heart. Shaurya will assure Babli that he loves and cares for Anokhi. Shaurya will see Ahir in the same hotel as his and get jealous. Babli will agree to help Shaurya. Shaurya will tell Kanchan about Anokhi’s birthday.

Shagun will overhear Kanchan and Shaurya’s conversation about Shaurya planning surprise birthday party for Anokhi in Goa. Ahir will help Shaurya to hide from Anokhi. Shaurya will hide Babli too. Ahir will compliment Anokhi’s beauty and wish her happy birthday with a flower making Shaurya jealous.

Babli will smile seeing that Shaurya is jealous of Ahir. Before Ahir could gift Anokhi a dress, Shaurya will send him away. Anokhi will wonder why Shaurya is not wishing her. Both of them will have a tiff on Anokhi’s selected outfit. Anokhi will leave Shaurya angrily.

Other side with Babli’s consent Shaurya will buy the same outfit for Anokhi that she selected. Anokhi will receive the same outfit from the waitress. She will get happy thinking Shaurya sent it. Anokhi will wear it and come outside making Shaurya stare her lovingly and smile.

In further episode, Anokhi will happily cut cake with Shaurya. But their happiness will fade away when Devi will reach there with Shagun and announce re-engagement of Shaurya and Shagun.

Will Anokhi misunderstand Shaurya? Whether Shaurya will be able to accept Anokhi in front of his family? How will Shaurya and Anokhi’s love cross the upcoming hurdles? Will Anokhi let Shagun snatch Shaurya from her?

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