Shaurya Aur Anokhi ki Kahani: Shaurya is nowhere to find?

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Star Plus show “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani”, is going through a crucial point in the story line. Currently the show is going to focus on the main themes of the daily soap which was the conflict between two mindsets . Now that Anokhi got manipulated easily by Shagun and thinks to save her career and education, she needs to go away. Shagun is happy to see her plan worked exactly the way it is. Now it will be interesting to see how Shaurya will deal with the entire thing. Fans are really excited for the upcoming angst track of Shaurya and Anokhi. Shaurya is going to go missing and fans can keep clam since the news is out.

The story of the show so far is Anokhi and her sister decided to go back to Chandigarh since the reason for coming to Goa is no longer existing. She decided to pack her bags without having any conversation with Shaurya. On the other hand, Tej lashes out at Devi for trying to control the life and the life decisions of Shaurya even at this age as well. He says that he is no more a kid that you will dictate his life like always. He is a grown up person now and there is a certain process to deal with a grown-up human being. Shagun is getting happy that her plan did work and she is successful in doing what she is supposed to do.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Shaurya will go missing and the whole family will get into a deep thought regarding this. Shaan will be trying to know the real motive of Shagun machines; he had developed doubt in her heart during the election trip. On the other side, Vineet overhears the conversation between Kanchan and Shaurya. Aastha also challenged Devi that anything that makes my son happy, I will bring it to him. Now it will be a matter of wait to understand why Shaurya is missing and what happens to him.

Where is Shaurya and what is the reason for his disappearances? Did he really go missing or is it a new game plan? Will Anokhi be able to find him out. For more exciting updates keep watching this space.