Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Shaurya to try wean off Anokhi’s insecurities

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Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is heading towards a new track after Shagun’s return in Shaurya’s life. Shagun has joined SIAC with ulterior motives. Now, it will be interesting to watch that, will Anokhi be able to handle Shagun’s return after knowing about her past with Shaurya.

In the last episode, Reema helped Anokhi dress-up for her date with Shaurya. Other side Shaurya too got dressed up. Tej and Devi both threatened Kanchan and Gayatri to not interfere in Shaurya’s life decisions.

At hostel Reema shocked Anokhi by telling her about Shaurya and Shagun’s broken engagement. Anokhi still built up the courage and got ready for date. Downstairs in SIAC, she heard Kitty talking about Shagun and Shaurya’s past love and bond. Anokhi broke down and recalled her moments with Shaurya.

In the upcoming episode, Anokhi will start feeling insecure hearing Kitty and college student’s words about Shaurya and Anokhi. She will return to her hostel room. Reema will see Anokhi crying and avoiding Shaurya’s call. Anokhi will tell her that Shaurya still loves Shagun.

Reema will ask her to confront Shaurya about his and Shagun’s relationship face to face. Shaurya at restaurant will apologize to the waiter for talking rudely with him. Other side Babli’s in-laws will again trouble her. Vineet will allow Babli to work outside for his benefit and snatch her hard earned money.

Devi will send Shagun to the venue of Shaurya and Anokhi’s date. There at the date venue Shagun will cleverly convince Shaurya to have dinner with her. At Sabherwals Kanchan will speak up against Devi for thinking to unite Shaurya and Shagun. Devi and Kanchan will have a tiff and the former will ask the latter to leave the house. Kanchan will too decide to leave the house.

Other side, Reema will convince Anokhi to meet Shaurya and confront him. Shagun will try coming closer to Shaurya cleverly. Anokhi will witness this and break down. She will feel insecure recalling people’s words about Shagun and Shaurya.

In the further episode, Shaurya will try to wean off Anokhi’s insecurity about him and Shagun. He will accept his past relationship with Shagun. But in a huff, he will confess his love to Anokhi.

Will Anokhi believe in Shaurya’s loyalty and his words? How will Shaurya and Anokhi’s love cross the upcoming hurdles? Will Anokhi let Shagun snatch Shaurya from her? Whether Kanchan will really leave the house?

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