Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Shaurya tries to reconcile his relationship with Aastha?

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It is not a new thing that two people who are madly in love eventually develop so many enemies for them. Even from the pages of history to modern times, it is a common thread that people have always been objective for love relationships.

We are still yet to build a society where we can give a person liberty to choose their life partner without judging them or making them go through hell for that. The fiction stories are also not excluded from this fact.

Shaurya and Anokhi are actually facing the burn of people not for doing anything wrong but for falling in love with each other. Well, though it was not an unexpected thing, somehow it made us wonder, where we stand as a society in this 21st century.

The fans of the show were waiting with patience from a long time to see Shaurya in action like his old self and takes stand for himself and Anokhi.

As per the storyline of the show, the elder uncle of Shaurya send him to Patiala to look after the new campus work and development. While back of the mind he was somehow expecting something wrong going on and he gives a very polite but stern warning to his family members that nothing should go wrong in the college in his absence.

However the family members did what they wanted to do eventually.
However amethyst of all the negativity that is going on in the lives of Shaurya and Anokhi. There are some good moments where things are finally falling in place and coming out the way it should be.

Shaurya finally decided and started to take a lot of efforts to fix the relationship between him and his mother Aastha. Not only because Anokhi wants it but he also wanted to change this equation of hatred and anger between them.
Shaurya for the first time spent a lot of moments with his mother. Not only that he even told her that he wants to know more of his parents because he never got the chance to do it earlier and he knows nothing about them. The chit chat over a cup of tea and Shaurya feels good to realise that so many of his natural traits are coming from his mother.

On the other hand, Babli finally got to know about Anokhi’s marriage with Shaurya. She gets angry at Anokhi for going ahead and marrying Shaurya like this.

She said to Anokhi right now people will think you are getting numbers due to him and no one will acknowledge your hard work and talent. Anokhi didn’t give in to this and defended her love in front of Babli. She said he loves me enough and he has no fault in all these.

Shagun is happy that her plan is working in the right direction and she will eventually achieve what she wants and no one can stop her. She also decided that she will make the life of Anokhi hell. Also she will not hesitate before tarnishing the image of Shaurya as well.

Now it will be interesting to see next week how I know you will take a stand for herself in the absence of Shaurya when she will receive the rustication letter! Also what will be the next move of Shaurya when he will come to know about all these?

Will Shagun succeed in her plan? Shaurya will play a game beyond the thinking level of anybody?

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